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Fertility Heaven Helps Create Families with Love

Few experiences are more life-changing than wanting to start a family.  Being unable to do so can be daunting, which is why Fertility Heaven exists.  Leaving a legacy in the form of one or more children is a dream aspired to by most people.  For some, however, the realities of infertility can be devastating, particularly following one or more miscarriages.

Fertility Heaven, a Miami-based Hispanic woman-owned agency, was founded in 2012 after the owner’s personal experience with infertility.  “I knew I would be a wonderful mother if given the opportunity,” said Miriam Torres.

The married businesswoman with a professional background in human resources had spent a career building strong relationships between companies and their employees but longed to start a family of her own.  “For many reasons, working women have trended towards delaying childbirth until later in their careers.  Mother Nature is not so flexible, and for some women, it may be too late.”  She continued, “After my husband and I worked with an amazing team of doctors and fertility experts, we wanted to help other people, like us, navigate this complex process.”

Fertility Heaven takes a very hands-on approach and walks the intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors through the entire process with care and dignity.  “We want people to understand that we care and want them to have a baby with our help,” says Torres.

Fertility Heaven matches prospective parents with egg donors, surrogates, or both.  They take time getting to know their donors and providing them with compensation that can be life-changing.  Surrogates start at $40,000 and can receive additional compensation for expenses related to the pregnancy, such as medical insurance.  Egg donors earn up to “$10,000. Women in our program often use the money to help their families pay for college expenses, pay down student loan debt, or get career training.

Fertility Heaven offers case management that brings all parties together through successful conception and birth.  It also provides surrogates the opportunity to bond with other Fertility Heaven surrogates through their private online community.

Fertility Heaven is looking for caring individuals who want to leave a legacy and receive the satisfaction of being an important part of a new life.  They have a high demand for surrogates and are happy to answer questions for those interested in the program.  To find out more about Fertility Heaven and inquire if you would be a potential match for a family, contact them at 305-772-3302 or through their website at

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