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Care Resource doubles down on Fentanyl awareness in South Florida during spring break

Care Resource aims to educate spring breakers about the harmful potential of Fentanyl-laced drugs

Care Resource's Special Purpose Outreach Team (The SPOT) went about Fort Lauderdale in 2022 to alert vacationers and locals about chemically synthesized drugs like Fentanyl being added to recreational drugs. Almost 3,000 doses of naloxone, sold under the name Narcan, were distributed by the SPOT street teams. The teams traveled to prominent spring break locations to raise awareness and treat opioid overdoses.

Now in 2023, the SPOT has teamed up with South Florida Wellness Network to increase its outreach.

Fentanyl and drug overdose in the U.S.

Deaths from drug overdoses have reached a record-breaking high in the U.S., according to the CDC. In 2021, opioids (especially Fentanyl) were responsible for 75,673 of the estimated 100,000 drug overdose fatalities across the nation.

Fentanyl-laced recreational drugs are a major cause of drug overdose in the country, and Care Resource aims to raise awareness about this issue. Fentanyl and similar synthetic substances are very harmful due to their extreme potency (up to 100 times that of heroin or prescription painkillers).

A glass capsule labeled “FENTANYL”

What is SPOT?

The SPOT is a traveling health clinic that provides a wide range of essential medical care and prevention resources to its clients free of charge. Patients have access to STD/STI testing (including HIV and HCV) and immunization (including against COVID-19). The SPOT is actively present in the neighborhood during business hours, dispensing life-saving items, including fresh needles, naloxone, medical help, and referrals to specialists.

As the official partner for Care Resource, we’re proud to be the first to tell you about all the amazing work this company does.

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