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FBI rejects Channel 9's request for Shanquella Robinson's investigation file

The FBI's denial of access to Shanquella Robinson's investigation file raises questions about case status

In a recent development surrounding the mysterious death of Shanquella Robinson, Channel 9's request for access to her investigation file has been rejected by the FBI. The denial, received over the weekend, adds to the complexities surrounding Robinson's case, leaving both the family and advocates frustrated and seeking clarity. Continue reading this news to get more details.

FBI denial raises concerns and questions

The FBI's letter denying access to Shanquella Robinson's investigation file cited a "pending or prospective law enforcement proceeding" as the reason for withholding information. The letter further stated that releasing the information could interfere with ongoing enforcement proceedings. This move has raised concerns among the Robinson family and advocates, as it sends mixed signals about the status of the case — whether it is closed or still under investigation.

Shanquella Robinson

The ongoing mystery of Shanquella Robinson's death

Shanquella Robinson's case has been marked by mystery and conflicting information. A year ago, she traveled to Cabo with a group of friends only to never come back home. Initially reported as a death due to alcohol poisoning, an autopsy conducted in Mexico revealed severe neck and spinal cord injuries as the cause of death.

The FBI initiated an investigation into Robinson's death, which attracted national attention. However, in April, federal authorities announced their decision not to press criminal charges, stating that the evidence did not support a federal prosecution.

The denial of access to the investigation file adds another layer of uncertainty to a case already shrouded in mystery. The differing autopsy reports — one from Mexico indicating severe injuries and another from Mecklenburg County stating the cause of death as undetermined — contribute to the complexity and lack of clarity surrounding the circumstances of Shanquella Robinson's tragic demise.

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