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Fallen from grace: Lubby Navarro stripped of honorary doctorate amidst scandal

The once-revered Lubby Navarro faces a stunning downfall as her honorary doctorate is revoked amidst criminal charges

The honorary degree belonging to Lubby Navarro, the former member of the Miami-Dade School Board who became entangled in a web of criminal allegations, has been suddenly taken away.

Claims that Navarro misappropriated school district credits for her own benefit prompted the Catholic University of New Spain to decide to revoke the degree that she got along with the honorary title.

Lubby Navarro: A faux doctor exposed for misusing school credits

Back in September 2019, the Catholic University of New Spain, a for-profit institution, bestowed upon Navarro an honorary doctorate of humane letters, celebrating her as a Hispanic leader making a difference. However, recent events have led to the university retracting this honor. Navarro, known for insisting on being addressed as "Dr. Navarro" during school board meetings, is now stripped of the title that she had prominently incorporated into official school district materials.

Lubby Navarro, who holds a bachelor's degree in political science from Florida International University, now faces criminal charges related to alleged misuse of school district credit cards. Investigators have uncovered nearly $100,000 in suspicious transactions, including personal vacations and purchases such as artificial pregnancy bellies from Amazon. Navarro's attorney maintains her innocence, insisting that she will be exonerated.

From school board to scandal: Navarro's controversial legacy

Navarro's tenure on the school board, marked by controversy, took a darker turn with her arrest on January 11. Accused of diverting resources meant for the betterment of children, she now faces legal battles that might jeopardize her reputation further.

Her resignation in December 2022, following a constitutional amendment preventing elected officials from working as lobbyists, opened another chapter in the saga. As a lobbyist for the South Broward Hospital District, Navarro is now on administrative leave, and an internal review of her spending is underway.

From divisive comments during school board discussions to alleged misuse of district credit cards, Navarro's controversial legacy seems to be catching up with her. The Catholic University of New Spain's decision to rescind her honorary doctorate signals a broader condemnation of her actions.

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