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Eva Longoria and the 2022 Latino Victory Project call on mothers to vote like a Madre

The Latino Victory Project launches a campaign, Vote Like A Madre, where several Latino influencers like Eva Longoria join hands to inspire Latinos to speak up against climate change

Nathalie Rayes, CEO and president of the Latino Victory Project, along with many powerful Latino influencers, and celebrities, including Eva Longoria and others, came together to encourage people to vote in upcoming elections and support those actively working to deal with the climate catastrophe.

The guests whom joined Eva Longoria pledged to support candidates who said they'll take action to safeguard the planet.

“What I love about Vote Like A Madre is that women are the CEOs of our households. You name it, it’s up to us” .

“Do your research and look at what really matters to you, your family and your neighborhood. There is so much to do before you even go to the voting booth. Fifty percent of us are not showing up, but I’m hopeful we will increase the number of people voting. It can’t just be this election—it has to be always and forever.”

Eva Longoria

How badly are Latinos affected by climate change?

Latinos are one of the most affected communities by constant changes in climate. Some of them reside in areas severely affected by air pollution, hurricanes, wildfires, and drought. As a result, children may be at a higher risk of cancer, mercury and lead poisoning, and asthma, according to the Institute of National Health.

“Vote Like A Madre aims to use the influence of Latin celebrities to secure the future of our upcoming generations,"  NathalieRayes, CEO and president of the Latino Victory Project, said, "As Latinas, we have to move heaven and earth to provide for and protect our children. We work tirelessly to make sure our kids have everything they need and make sure they have safe and clean spaces to play. Imagine what we can do if we focus on electing candidates who understand that the climate crisis is an emergency and are willing to fight for sweeping policy change. We can change the world."

Who joined Eva Longoria in the brunch?

Daniel Sarcos, Eva Longoria, Alessandra Villegas, Dayanara Torres, MaityInteriano, Erika de la Vega, Maria Elena Salinas, Carlos Ponce, and Jeanine Mason were a few prominent Latino celebrities and influencers who graced the brunch with their presence.

influencers at the brunch posing for a picture
Latino Victory Project “Vote like a Madre ” Image courtesy of Getty Images

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