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Calls to suspend EU-Cuban agreement amidst human rights concerns

European Parliament stands united in denouncing Cuban support for Russia and human rights violations. Will the EU take action?

Amidst the EU-CELAC summit in Brussels, European Parliament members and activists joined forces to denounce Cuban islands' actions. Focusing on the islands' support for Russia in the aggression against Ukraine and its continuous violations of human rights, they call for the suspension of the political cooperation agreement between the European Union and the Cuban regime.

Learn more about EU-Cuba agreement this and what happened at the press conference below:

EU accountability and Cuban allegiance

Representatives from three European Parliament groups joined activists Rosa María Payá and Erik Cartelle in expressing concern over the island's support for Russia in Ukraine.

They emphasized accountability, referencing the European Parliament's resolution (RC-B9-0311/2023), which demands triggering Article 85(3)(b) of the PDCA for an immediate joint committee meeting on Cuba's human rights violations.

Activists denounce Díaz-Canel'spresence at EU-CELAC Summit

During the EU-CELAC summit, activists expressed disappointment over Cuban dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel's presence. Díaz-Canel's name appeared in the resolution as one of the individuals to be sanctioned for crimes against humanity. The joint press conference emphasized the urgency of suspending the EU-Cuba agreement, seeking justice for the islands' oppressed citizens and European citizens' interests.

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