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Erni Vales, The 3D Graffiti King

Erni Vales First Loves

Erni Vales: “I was on a course for a creative adventure of a lifetime!”

Erni Vales is an american graffiti artist best known for his development of the 3D graffiti style, a technique that he discovered in 1993. The amazing talent, courage and the outside the box type of thinking made him one of the best graffiti artist in the world, putting his pieces of art in a special and unique light in the eyes of the world.

My original concept was to integrate the 3D, which had never been done before with the fill, to have both aspects of the piece compete for visual supremacy, he said about the artistic strategies.

ernie vales - Erni Vales, The 3D Graffiti KingGrowing up in lower Manhattan, New York City, he begun his creative graffiti journey painting trains and subway cars in collaboration with other artist. He first came in touch with this kind of art at the High School of Art and Design and since then he kept to improve his work. With a strong character, desire to grow and evolve and with a touch of perfectionism he quickly ascend on the stairway of success, always being in a constant competition with the others as he admit in one of his blog posts: "To me the essence of graffiti was and is to always keep getting better. Challenge yourself stylistically, be badder then everyone around you.”

As his career begun to bloom, he started to collaborate with restaurants and nightclubs owners world wide for interior design and painting, from the complete transformation on the Tatto nightclub into One 51 in New York (1999) to the Atlas restaurant in Moscow, Russia (2006). The artist also put his mark on the fashion and interior design industry especially on the accessories section where you are able to buy watches, jewelry, mugs, coasters, tables, pillows, and even socks designed by him.

Erni Vales also loves large-scale mural painting. He created 8 murals and canvas installations for Mercadito restaurant, another mural for the NYC Google staircase which comprise 5 stories and also murals for Wall Street Bar, Bar One (Moscow), Dos Equis Company, Urban Box Office, Chelsea Market etc. You can see his masterpieces even in TV series and movies like The Flash, Viper, The Apprentice, Vampire in Brooklyn, Seven, Money Train and House Party 2.

Later on, he opened his own art gallery, studio and store in Miami, Florida called EVL World which was and is very appreciated by fans, costumers, visitors and anyone who steps into his shop, as one of his visitors pointed out into a funny review: “An up and coming artist with such an acute visualization of modern graffiti art, this guy is setting trends and will be a big player in the industry. Buy this art now, while it's cheap. I can see that some large company is going to option this guy soon and we will see his works on everything from shoes to lunch boxes soon.”

If you want to find out more about Erni Vales, read his blog or buy his art, here is how you can reach him:

2345 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33127
(646) 344-9599

[flexiblemap address="2345 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127" title="EVL World"]

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