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FAA approves world’s first electric flying car; preorders are open

Alef Aeronautics is taking preorders for their first electric flying car for $300k 

Alef Aeronautics is a California-based auto company that has built the world’s first electric flying car. It is now accepting preorders for the car after receiving airworthiness certification from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

The company can now road and air test the vehicle. Continue reading this news to learn more.

World’s first electric flying car can address various commute issues

Alef Aeronautics’ fully electric Model A vehicle is a low-speed car that can drive up to 200 miles and fit a conventional garage. It can also drive up into the air vertically with a 110 miles flying range. For a higher price, the vehicle comes with a hydrogen option.

Model A can launch forward up and above road obstacles, according to the company. People can fly vertically until they reach their destination. The car comes with a gimbaled stabilizer for the driver and cabin, offering a rotating design.

The company flaunts its vehicle’s ability to fly above the vehicle and in any direction with a 180 degrees cinematic view for enjoyable and safe flight. With two seats, people can preorder a Model A car for $300,000.

Jim Dukhovny, founder and CEO of Alef

Airworthiness certification for limited purposes

Armada Model Zero aircraft received a Special Airworthiness Certificate on June 12, 2023. However, this isn’t the first car/aircraft the FAA approved. Under this certificate, the vehicle can be used for exhibition and R&D.

Alef Aeronautics revealed the electric car/aircraft last October, and many businesses and individuals had already placed preorders.

Meanwhile, FAA is drafting policies for the vehicle’s landing and takeoff. Alef’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jim Dukhovny, shared his excitement upon receiving the airworthiness certificate. He, along with other co-founders, namely Oleg Petrovwere, Constantine Kisly, and Pavel Markin, first aspired to devise a flying car back in 2015.

Dukhovny discussed the possibility of a electric flying car during a Science Fiction Lecture in 2015. However, he couldn’t take on this task due to a lack of technical skills. The four members designed the electric flying car after meeting in a café.

The CEO said that with this certification, they’re getting one step closer to offering eco-friendly vehicles for faster commutes that will save everyone so many hours.

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