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Eileen Higgins doing her part for Hunger Action Month

Commissioner Eileen Higgins

Commissioner Eileen Higgins has distributed 35,000 food boxes up until Hunger Action Month

Commissioner Eileen Higgins tops off her community food distributions with a total of 35,000 boxes distributed since the Covid-19 pandemic began up until this weekend’s Hunger Action Month initiative. September is Hunger Action Month, a nationwide initiative to encourage communities to stand together against hunger and dedicate themselves to finding a solution. 

Americans all over the USA are partaking in the movement to provide food relief to as many people as possible. Today, more than ever this movement is crucial. Many families have been struggling due to the catastrophic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic; in fact, food banks estimate that 4 in 10 people visiting a food bank now need assistance because of COVID-19.

In our community, District 5 County Commissioner Eileen Higgins has to date delivered over 35,000 food boxes to families in need. On Supersize Saturday, she was again in the front lines taking a stance in the Hunger Action Month movement, distributing an additional 1,300 food boxes to families of the community at three separate events in Miami. 

In partnership with Feeding South Florida, food was distributed to 500 families in the Flagami area at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium. This was followed by distributions in partnership with Unity Groves at the Kiwanis of Little Havana where 400 boxes of food were distributed at a walk-up site, as well as in the Grapeland area at Community Medical Group of Miami where another 400 boxes were distributed to those in need.

“Although the County is reopening, residents who have lost their jobs or have taken serious pay cuts continue to struggle. It’s important that we do not leave them and their families behind. I’m grateful to our network of community partners who’ve joined me in addressing food insecurity and helped to connect us with residents in need.”

Commissioner Eileen Higgins

The food distribution events were both drive-through and also walk-ups for those without vehicles and followed CDC safety guidelines. Masks were always to be worn, and participants were asked to open their trunk to receive the food items or to remain socially distant if walking up.

As mentioned, the COVID-19 pandemic has given families hardship and added anxiety regarding having adequate food. With Hunger Action Month the goal is that awareness be spread about these problems, and fewer individuals will suffer from lack of food. The food distributions have and will continue to be a tremendous help to those in need, taking some of these costs from the family budgets.

It is not surprising that Commissioner Higgins has made such efforts to ensure access to essentials in the Miami community. Through her actions, she has proven to stand hand in hand with constituents and is on a mission to improve the lives of all of those that she serves. In the past, she has and continues to advocate for small businesses, our environment, improved transportation, and affordable housing.

For more information regarding food distributions in Miami, please visit the Miami Dade County website.

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