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Eileen Higgins brings on“Safer and Cleaner Streets”

¡District 5 Commissioner Eileen Higgins takes pride in our community by making streets safer and cleaner for all!

Commissioner Higgins has recently engaged community members and local government to proactively address the cleanliness and safety of District 5 neighborhoods. In September 2021 her team took the opportunity to launch and host the campaign Safer, and Cleaner Streets. The event took place on Calle Ocho next to Futurama Art Galleries located at 1637 SW 8th St., Miami, FL 33135. 

What is the main purpose of this interesting initiative? If you are part of District 5 neighborhoods. Keep reading and be engaged. 

What is the Safer, Cleaner Streets campaign?

The Safer, Cleaner Streets campaign in addition to being a community commitment also addresses specific issues.  Residents, local businesses, and local government come together influence others to adopt behaviors such as, recycling, trash, illegal dumping, storm drains, potholes, crosswalks, and signage. 

Commissioner Eileen Higgins initiative also provided attendees with an experience of visual and performing arts, music, snacks and drinks under the stars in the heart of Little Havana. 

“These fun activities are aimed to get the residents involved and provide them knowledge of how they can help to keep streets cleaner. We are unveiling some new designs for crosswalks to make walking through Little Havana safer. We have lots of work to do showing young people how they can recycle, and use found objects to make art”. Said Commissioner Higgins.

It’s just the start, wait for more!

The Safer, Cleaner Streets campaign just started, and community members will have more engaging events and activities to be a part of. What can District 5 neighborhoods expect?

  • Monthly neighborhood assessments conducted by the District 5 team.
  • Connecting residents with 311.
  • Community engagement through meetings, one-on-one stakeholder encounters, clean-ups, and ongoing beautification projects.

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