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Miami-Dade County commissioners urged to drop Doral for incinerator location in 2023

Doral residents urged the commissioners to consider other locations for the Miami-Dade County incinerator

On Tuesday, March 7th, 2023, Gina Romero urged the commissioners of Miami-Dade County to drop Doral as the location for the county-run incinerator. Donning white shirts, Doral residents waved their hands to support Commissioner Juan Carlos Bermudez for his legislation to consider another location for a trash incinerator.

This new legislation reverses the vote of the prior commission to keep waste-to-energy operations of Miami-Dade County in Doral when a new site is found in place of the 1982 plant. More details are discussed below.

Repeal of prior commission

Commissioner Bermudez’s legislation repeals Diaz’s commission. Diaz held the District 12 seat in July of last year. During the July 19th meeting, the commissioners were called to report future sites for the county’s trash incinerator. However, Diaz amended the report last minute, adding Doral as the future site for the waste-to-energy plant.

This motion left Mayor Levine Cava surprised, who also opposed the decision but didn’t see enough support to consider a veto.

Commissioner Bermudez lives less than a mile from the trash incinerator and believes this decision is not just for Doral but for the whole county. He has the support of Doral residents who have urged the commission to move the trash plant out of Doral after it caught fire on February 12.

Smoke coming out of a building

Lives that were disrupted owing to the fire

Accompanying Gina Romero were many other Doral residents, including Ranghiv Acurero, his wife, Danielle Ramirez, and their year-old son, Oliver. They recalled how the early days of the incident disrupted their lives.

Their family had to move out for a week. Before the vote, Gina Romero talked to the media pressing on the need to make better decisions for the residents of Doral.

The new legislation requires a 90 days report to recommend a new location for the county-run incinerator. Mayor Levine Cava also recommended constructing a modern building with recycling features and better odor controls. She further explained that her administration would start anew with site recommendations for a new waste-to-energy plant.

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