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Drag queens hold a fierce debate and critique Republican candidates' stances in an unconventional setting

Central Florida bar hosts unconventional political showdown as drag queens assess Republican presidential hopefuls

In an unanticipated turn of events, an eccentric presidential debate in South Florida had nothing to do with mainstream politics. Four drag queens, each representing a Republican candidate, gathered at a local bar to offer candid critiques of the presidential hopefuls, shedding light on their policies and ideologies in a unique way.

A colorful assessment of Republican contenders

Under the spotlight of the bar's stage, drag queens Donna Trump, Rhonda Santis, Christine Christie, and Michelle Pence assumed the roles of Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and Mike Pence, respectively. The debate started with sharp commentary, shedding light on the stances of these political figures. The event, organized by the Disney Defenders political action committee, served as an unexpected yet engaging platform for these performers to express their views.


Beyond the Drag queens makeup - a message amplified

As each drag queen articulately expressed their "candidate's" positions, the underlying concerns of the LGBTQ+ community and challenges were brought to the forefront.

Rhonda Santis, in her portrayal of DeSantis, openly criticized the candidate's policies, particularly highlighting the controversial anti-riot law and the Parental Rights in Education law. The performers took the opportunity to voice their concerns about the impact of these policies on their community, presenting a unique perspective that might not often make it to the mainstream political stage.

According to Rhonda Santis, whether DeSantis wins or not, it’ll have grave consequences on their community and Florida as a whole. She said that people would be “in trouble,” using an edgier term for “in trouble.”

By offering a distinct lens through which to view the political landscape, the drag queens' unconventional debate urged attendees and observers to approach political discussions with a fresh outlook. Their colorful critiques not only entertained but also prompted reflection on the intersection of policies and communities. The event challenged the traditional boundaries of political engagement and showcased the potential for unorthodox formats to amplify important voices and viewpoints.

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