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Downtown Miami and the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has limited communication among residents in Miami. Residents are under a stay-at-home order in order to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Downtown Miami night life is currently nonexistent in typically crowded restaurants and bars.

However, the Miami spirit is seen prevailing in a recent video taken by Arnaldo Cantero III of BGRS Commercial Real Estate Advisory. The video shows Downtown Miami skyscrapers lighting up the night sky as residents jam out to music.

The song playing in the video is called “High Fashion” by Roddy Rich. The music plays so loud that residents in at least four buildings can hear it. Residents can be heard cheering as the video goes on.

The video is a source of pride for Miami residents, who as a community are making the best out of this hard time. People are advised not to be within six feet of each other, yet Miami residents have found a way to come together.

From the comfort of their own homes, residents have taken a break from their quarantine and opened their windows to collectively enjoy music and singing with their fellow residents. This is the essence of the Miami spirit.

COVID-19 has put to a halt many events in the Downtown Miami area. The Calle Ocho Music Festival and the Ultra Music Festival were both cancelled in order to protect public health.

Many residents are out of work or working from home. Many students are participating in online school in order to stay on track with their education. Families are struggling to pay their rent and put food on their tables.

Despite all of this, the video conveys the spirit that lays within Miami as residents come together to make a tough situation a little bit easier.

Arnaldo Cantero III of BGRS Commercial Real Estate Advisory and source provider of this video, comments, “It’s amazing that such a horrible situation can bring out the best in a community, such as Brickell, where we live so close together yet so rarely get the opportunity to connect, unless it's at a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. Since those have been taken from us, we are still finding ways to unite as a community since we are all challenged by the same crisis no matter your sex, income, religion, or political affiliation. This reminds us that we are all human.”

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