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Former President Donald Trump speaks at the 2022 Hispanic Leadership Conference in Miami

Donald Trump delivers a keynote speech at the Hispanic Leadership Conference in Miami

Speaking at the Hispanic Leadership Conference, former president Donald Trump praised his administration's achievements while addressing a group of Hispanic leaders in Miami, Florida. With just one month left for Election Day, Trump delivered a keynote speech at the America First Policy Institute's Hispanic Leadership Conference.

Addressing the crowd at Magic City—home to an increasing number of Republican Hispanic voters—Trump highlighted his support for Latinos while criticizing President Biden's immigration strategies and the rising inflation.

Trump's backing from South Florida Hispanic voters in 2020 helped boost his popularity in Miami-Dade County and ultimately contributed to his resounding victory in the state.

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About the event

Hispanic Leadership Conference was hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami and organized by the America First Policy Institute. This two-day event featured boards to build support for the growing Hispanic communities in the country.

Various Cuban-American Republican officials, like Carlos Gimenez, Mario Diaz-Balart, Ileana García, and Danny Perez, attended the event from South Florida.

What was Donald Trump’s speech in Miami about?

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Since 2018, Republicans have gotten over 3,300 new members, while Democrats have lost more than 1,500 of their votes from Miami-Dade County. While delivering his speech, Donald Trump emphasized that all present at the conference were there to celebrate the Hispanic community in the region.

Trump further added that the Mar-a-Lago incident happened because of his immigration policies and the fact that the polls were working in his favor.

Donald Trump stated that during his term in the Oval office, Hispanic Americans saw a rise in their average household income and there was a significant decrease in the unemployment rate in the US.

In addition, he claimed that the Hispanic community is here because they believe in America and love the nation. He urges them to stand up for America. During his speech, Trump also took an opportunity to show his support for the victims of Ian's landfall.

Lastly, Donald Trump generously thanked the Hispanic community for their contributions to the nation, expressing that this community is a blessing to the country.

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