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Ex-Miramar police officer charged with domestic violence after physical fight with girlfriend

The now ex-officer has been arrested on charges of domestic violence and kidnapping

Authorities announced on Tuesday that a member of the Miramar Police Department was detained on Monday for his involvement in a domestic violence incident. The authorities say he choked his girlfriend and dragged her back into their home when she attempted to escape.

Learn more about what the police officer did and the disturbing charges against him below.

Domestic violence charges against the ex-officer

According to the police report, Joshua Bogwandas, 26, is charged with kidnapping and domestic violence by strangulation after an argument with his girlfriend escalated from verbal to physical. An arrest warrant states that at 2:40 a.m. on Monday, the victim contacted police at her house in Miramar and said that her two-year boyfriend, Bogwandas, had assaulted her.

According to the investigation, the officer and his girlfriend had been arguing before she went to visit their home, at which point the suspect reportedly dragged her back inside, where he proceeded to strike and choke her.

 The assault allegedly took place in front of their child. Bogwandas fled after the woman phoned the police, but he was eventually arrested.

Court hearing of criminal case, laywer showing video evidence

Police take serious action against domestic violence cases

Police Chief Delrish Moss announced in a statement on Tuesday that Bogwandas, who had worked for the agency since December 2022, was terminated without pay. He also said that any and all victims of domestic abuse should feel safe coming forward with their stories since the police treat these cases very seriously. Detectives in Miramar, Florida, arrested Joshua Bogwandas on accusations of domestic violence and kidnapping.

Bogwandas has two kids. If he is ever freed from prison, he will have to relocate to Miami and live with his mother.

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