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Tower Team Realty says "DO NOT" lose hope

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A common dream for many people is to be a homeowner. Even more so if they are an immigrant who has just moved to the United States.

I am personally an immigrant from Cuba. I came with my parents at the age of 4.  I remember that my parents' dream was always to have a piece of land they could call their own. That home was obtained through a real estate agent that helped them by giving them the hope and support they needed. They were told that they could eventually buy a home if they followed certain steps. I will never forget that as a young girl.

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This is part of the reason why I Vivian Peña am here to serve YOU the community. I like to always find a way to tell my clients that they can achieve their dream of owning their own home just like it happened for my parents.  If you have been robbed of the possibility and in turn you have lost the desire for lack of qualification, please do not feel hopeless. In our years of experience, we have always looked for ways to never say NO!

I would like to establish a relationship with everyone who has the desire and dedication to execute the instructions given by our team in order to own a home. We will walk you through every step of the way.

With great pride today, I tell everyone who reads this article that I Vivian Peña of Building Dreams or Construyendo Sueños and Calle Ocho News will bring beneficial information to all who want to buy their home this new year.  We will bring you knowledge and information that covers all the different areas of real estate that could possibly affect a new homeowner as well as other topics that will be related to all the steps needed to take from the beginning to the end in order to be able to buy and own your a home.

The Tower Team Realty team is made up of me Vivian Pena, Elias Guerrero and Ivis Alvarez. In my spare time I myself have a big family so I know the importance of owning your own home. I like to spend time with my family and I love reading and writing. I have four children who go by the name Vivian Michelle, Joey, Andres, and Madison. I also have two beautiful grandchildren Nathan and Jayden.  I have a Master's degree in Communications and 30 years of experience in real estate, new home sales, and mortgages. Today being a manager of Tower Team Realty gives me great pride.  Being able to help all the new real estate agents grow in this beautiful career is an honor. But more than anything I like to help those who have lost hope.

Every day we have a radio show  on Kingdom Radio 94.5 the program of Building Dreams with Vivian Pena 530-600 PM.

I want to thank Calle Ocho News for giving me the opportunity to be able to bring you all the information and news related to building your dream of owning a home.

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For more information you can call me at 954-701-1560

Vivian Peña

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