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Cuba Under the Stars Continues Its Successful Run with Shows Scheduled till March 26, 2022

Just a month into their performance, the show Cuba Under the Stars continues to attract audiences from across Miami

Cuba Under the Stars

There are a few shows as magnificent and as interesting as the live performance of Cuba Under the Stars. It's one of the most incredible things to do and places to visit in Miami at present.

Featuring an incredible ensemble, with a grand orchestra, 25 dancers, multiple actors, and performers, the live performance tells a beautiful story of love, nostalgia, loss, and pain.

Cuba bajo las estrellas

The show has been put together and brought to life by numerous incredibly talented artists, many of whom are people of color and belonging to immigrant communities. The cast, crew, producers, directors include some of the most talented individuals in Miami, making it a must-see.

Its extended run is proof of its success and commercial worth, as people continue to attend the show, which is being performed at the Miami International Mall.

Who are some of the people behind the show?

The show has been put together due to the hard work and focus of some of the performing arts' most talented individuals. The grand orchestra has been directed by Yoris Goiricelaya, while the dancers are performing under Henry Gual's choreography.

Emmy Recipient and two-time Grammy-award winner, Cuban singer Albita is the most notable face on set. With a distinct, powerful voice and style, she fuses different styles, genres, and eras when she sings and continues to bring that to this show too. Other singers on the show include the supremely talented composer and Grammy winner Amaury Gutierrez, who specializes in Cuban pop. Luis Bofill and Lena Burke also lend their vocals to the show.

The actors include Cuban actress from Miami Kaeylyn Gonzalez, Sandy Marquetti, Jeffery Batista, Rafael Lahera, and Rachel Pastor. Each performer brings immense passion, emotion, and unique value to the show.

Peter Regalado, Henry Gual have produced the show, and Yorgis Goiricelaya, a power team with creative vision, wit, and the skills the show needed to take it to new heights.

Most cast and crew members belong to the Cuban community and are settled in the US, enabling them to authentically encapsulate and demonstrate the wonderful story.

What can audiences expect at the show?

Cuba Under the Stars

As for the show itself, audience members can expect to lose themselves in an enthralling love story told through musical theatre. The story's plot perfectly reflects the stage setting, which is outdoors, making the experience all the more enriching.

Since Cuban cuisine is a large part of this story, it only makes sense that audience members can dine as they enjoy the live performance and get the full experience.

The show will run every Friday and Saturday from December 3, 2021, until March 26, 2022, apart from public holidays and special days.

How is the show benefiting the local community?

It's more than just a stage performance, however. The production has greatly impacted the local economy, providing Miami's dancers, actors, and musicians with incredible opportunities.  It's the perfect time to explore alternatives such as our very own Magic City. This is only the start, seeing as how this show alone has generated 250 jobs for 2 months and 125 jobs for 4 months of its run-time, and an overall economic turn worth $4m!

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