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COVID isn’t the only culprit behind hospital beds filling up in Miami

Hospitalizations have been rising in Miami, and COVID cases are only one part of the problem

Hospitals in Miami-Dade County, Florida's most populated county, are above capacity due to an unprecedented increase in patient visits. Healthcare facilities in South Florida report an increase in COVID patients compared to the past few weeks, although they are far from being overburdened. Moreover, not all these hospital admissions are related to COVID.

So, why are hospital beds filling up in Florida? What is the current status of the COVID outbreak in Miami? Read on to find out.

Rising hospitalizations in Florida

Hospitalization rates in Florida have returned to pre-Delta variant levels. The Florida Hospital Association, however, reports a sharp increase in inpatient stays. While hospitals are back to normal operations, they face severe staff shortages. Despite a large number of available beds, hospitals often lack the personnel to properly care for their patients.

Discharging patients from the hospital who no longer require medical attention is another issue contributing to largely occupied hospital beds. Patients often have to wait from days to months before being discharged.

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The Covid situation in Miami

According to the CDC, Miami is at risk for COVID. More instances of it are expected to emerge in Florida in the coming weeks. Health professionals recommend that residents who haven't previously received the bivalent COVID booster should get it immediately. Fortunately, the present scenario is not like last winter's spike, when the highly contagious omicron variant tested the limits of an already overburdened healthcare system.

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