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Connie Kinnard of the GMCVB on integration

Integration is Connie Kinnard's philosophy for the present and future of Miami’s Multicultural Tourism Industry

Behind every great organization is the passionate work of individuals that are constantly pushing to bring its vision and mission to life. Within the GMCVB, Connie Kinnard is one such gem. Since 2015, Kinnard has been leading as the Vice President of the Multicultural Tourism and Development Department (MTDD) at the GMCVB. 

Kinnard has been working within the tourism industry for over 25 years. She has previously been part of the restaurant industry working in the management of KFC and Hardees while in college. Upon graduation, she worked in the sales arena for a few hotels until she became the SVP of Multicultural Convention Sales at the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation. This work gave her the inspiration and knowledge to now hold her current position. 

In her current position, Kinnard has the mission of promoting and expanding Miami’s neighborhoods and multicultural tourism businesses and attractions. Through her work, she aims to generate travel demand to Miami and maximize the positive economic impact within Miami’s communities so the resident’s quality of life is elevated.

Furthermore, the MTDD is a department of the GMCVB that ensures diversity in Miami’s multicultural communities. They create events and initiatives to provide a positive economic impact and sustainability in Miami. This sector focuses fully on the locals to maximize internal success and broaden opportunities.

Some of the breakthroughs that Kinnard has been able to accomplish have been the promotion of heritage neighborhoods, businesses, and arts through the Art of Black Miami platform. She has also created a distinct Miami Dade brand that has become well-known amongst tourists and locals. Thanks to this work, Miami-Dade is quickly recovering from the hardships that the Covid-19 pandemic brought upon residents. 

“Not being complacent will keep the fire in your spirit to keep pushing and growing. The outcome and peace of mind that comes from a thankful and determined heart defines success to me.”

Connie Kinnard

To learn more and keep up with the different initiatives being put together by Kinnard and her colleagues, be sure to visit their website and follow them on social media @MiamiandBeaches

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