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Commissioner Esteban Bovo stands for the community's interests

Esteban Bovo

When electing a politician to power, the hope is that the person is apt to represent the community’s best interests. This individual has a responsibility to not only defend the majority but all those that fall under the umbrella he or she is serving. While this is not the case with various lawmakers, Commissioner Esteban Bovo Jr. has demonstrated that he does stand for his people. 

Commissioner Esteban Bovo has a history of speaking up for minority groups and advocating for their protection. He has made resolutions that support bills of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuela, Haiti, and Nicaragua. The TPS designation allows eligible nationals from those countries to continue living and working in the United States, as the conditions there are not suitable for prosperity. Venezuela is currently experiencing extreme poverty, violence, and political unrest under the Maduro regime. Haiti has undergone devastating hurricanes, is in economic crisis, and faces political upheaval. Lastly, Nicaraguan citizens find themselves in danger due to their democratic rights taken and a government that persecutes those that speak against it. Bovo has made it a priority to protect these individuals and ensure that they do not go back to those conditions. 

bovo exquisito inside rooster - Commissioner Esteban Bovo stands for the community's interests
Comisionado Esteban Bovo

Furthermore, the Commissioner Esteban Bovo is aware of the issues that his community faces. One group that often gets neglected is that of Holocaust Survivors. Despite being rarely spoken about, approximately 80,000 of them live in the United States. However, it is embarrassing that one-third of this population lives at or below the poverty level. Bovo acted and urged Congress to pass the Trauma-Informed Modernization of Eldercare for the Holocaust Survivors Act and the Holocaust Insurance Accountability Act. As said by the Commissioner, “While we can never fully right the wrongs of the Holocaust, we must never stop pursuing justice whenever and wherever we can.” 

Recently the Commission approved Bovo’s resolution declaring a Biscayne Bay Emergency and establishing the means and resources to address the issues concerning its health and well-being. The Bay is a significant place for Floridians, not just for leisure but also for economic reasons. Due to the decrease of seagrass over the decades, there is less oxygen in the water. This condition likely resulted in thousands of dead fish floating in the Bay in September. Thankfully, the Commissioner took action on behalf of this issue. 

With COVID-19 bringing hardships to so many parts of the country, Commissioner Bovo once again made sure to have his people’s back. He resolved for the County to prohibit rent increases within developments funded through the County’s affordable housing programs. He said, “Many of our neighbors are struggling to make ends meet as unemployment continues to grow as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Increasing rent may have been devastating for many in the current circumstances.

The actions described above show that this man cares for his people. He refuses to stand back and let things take their course; instead, he is a man of action that will protect the interests of the entire community. 

Commissioner Esteban Bovo is now running for Mayor, for more information on his platform or his campaign please visit:

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