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Citizens Property Insurance causes Florida regulators to demand rate adjustment

Florida's Citizens Property Insurance Corp. faces regulatory scrutiny as proposed rate hikes hit a snag, prompting demands for adjustment and scrutiny of competitiveness

Florida's insurance landscape is undergoing a fresh wave of transformation as regulators intervene to modify and scrutinize proposed rate increases by Citizens Property Insurance Corp. The state's Insurance Commissioner, Michael Yaworsky, has directed the state-backed insurer to reevaluate and reduce its planned rate hikes, a move that underscores the ongoing push for competitive insurance options in the region.

Citizens Property Insurance faces challenge over proposed rate increases

Insurance in Florida is about to experience a tide change as state regulators have taken a stance against proposed rate hikes by Citizens Property Insurance Corp. The company's plan to increase rates by 12% for homeowners with the most common type of policies has hit a roadblock. Florida Insurance Commissioner Michael Yaworsky has stepped in, signing an order demanding a reevaluation of the rate proposal. The directive, posted on the state Office of Insurance Regulation website, requires Citizens to recalibrate their approach, emphasizing a more competitive stance in their rate adjustments.


Navigating through Citizens Insurance's regulatory challenges

As Citizens Property Insurance Corp. seeks a 13.3% rate increase, regulators are stepping in to make a splash. Amid explosive growth in policyholders, the state-backed insurer requested approval for a substantial rate hike. However, Commissioner Michael Yaworsky's order is making waves, advocating for a more competitive approach and pointing out concerns about the proposed increases' justification in certain areas. This move aligns with the state's long-standing goal of fostering a vibrant private insurance market while ensuring financial resilience in the face of potential natural disasters.

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