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Filmmaker-led campaign seeks former Miami police chief Acevedo as contender in crowded Miami-Dade Sheriff race

Amidst a field of 14 candidates for the Miami-Dade sheriff seat, aims to rally support for Acevedo's potential run

With the race for Miami-Dade County sheriff heating up, a grassroots campaign led by filmmaker Billy Corben and Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi is aiming to bring former Miami police Chief Art Acevedo into the political fray. Propelled by Acevedo's ousted yet vindicated status and his acclaimed anti-corruption crusade, the initiative seeks to spur public support for his potential candidacy amidst a crowded field of contenders vying for the coveted sheriff position.

A rising movement to recruit Acevedo for sheriff

Amidst the bustling landscape of the Miami-Dade sheriff election, the campaign has emerged as a formidable force, advocating for the inclusion of former Miami police Chief Art Acevedo as a candidate. Led by renowned filmmaker Billy Corben and fully supported by the endorsement of Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi, the campaign emphasizes his demonstrated commitment to combating corruption and his reputation as an unwavering advocate for law enforcement reform.

Miami police chief Acevedo wearing a suit and tie, displaying a cheerful expression

Acevedo's ousted stint and post-exit developments

Following his contentious departure from the Miami police chief position, allegations of corruption within Miami's political arena emerged, underscoring the significance of his anti-corruption stance. Notably, the arrest of Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla and the $63 million verdict against Commissioner Joe Carollo further amplified concerns about the need for robust leadership and transparency within Miami's law enforcement and political landscape. Mayor Francis Suarez also drew the attention of federal investigators, highlighting the intricate interplay between law enforcement, politics, and integrity within the city.

The burgeoning campaign to recruit Acevedo for the sheriff's race has sparked widespread discussions about the potential impact of his candidacy and the resonance of his message among Miami-Dade residents. With the field of candidates dominated by Republicans, his potential entry as a Democrat offers a unique perspective, signaling a potential shift in the political dynamics of the sheriff race. Amandi shared that people may not connect with him instantly, but they will support him in no time.

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News Source: Miami Herald

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