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Chairman Oliver G. Gilbert III is all about helping his hometown, and other Miami communities thrive

Chairman Oliver G. Gilbert III is loyal to his district and identifies as a Miami Gardens native before all else

While being chairman of a county is his day job, Oliver G. Gilbert III is also an attorney and works at St. Thomas University School of Law. Born and raised in the City of Miami Gardens, he believes that hard work and passion can take you anywhere you want in life.

His journey in politics started in 2008. Before he decided to dabble in politics, public service was a huge part of his life. His father, a baptist preacher, taught him the value of helping others and making a positive difference in people’s lives.

What success means to Oliver G. Gilbert

Gilbert is a huge believer in progress over success. When he works towards a goal, he measures how much progress he’s making since that is what matters. This is because, for him, in public service and government matters, it’s not a matter of succeeding or failing to do something for the betterment of the state. Rather, it’s about incrementally improving. It’s about every single step that makes life easier and better for its people and businesses.

When Gilbert returned to Miami Gardens in 2012, he made it his mission to improve the city’s economic and infrastructural environment. He wanted to transform the city into a flourishing community where people have places to shop and eat and live life to the fullest. He wanted to bring economic development to the area and reduce crime, making Miami Gardens a safe and secure community for all. Knowing that the things he envisioned for his hometown wouldn’t just happen overnight, he became the leader that made these changes a reality.

Chairman Oliver G. Gilbert
Chairman Oliver G. Gilbert

Goals Oliver G. Gilbert will be focusing on in 2023

Gilbert’s focus for this year will continue to be mass transit. He aims to implement the Smart program and make public transit more accessible and efficient. This is because improvements in mass transit trickle down to other areas of development, such as housing, economic development, and overall quality of life.

It’s amazing how liberating it is not to be stuck in traffic for hours daily. When people don’t have to spend three hours in their car every day, they can get to work faster, get done with errands quicker, and have more time to spend with friends and family. Gilbert went on to emphasize that to build a world-class community, the first step is building world-class transit.

Learn more about Chairman Oliver G. Gilbert III on his official county website here.

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