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Celebrate el “20 de mayo” on Calle Ocho in many ways!

We at Calle Ocho News are super happy that things are going back to “Normal”.  Then again, what is “Normal” these days? Our world, our lives, and our small businesses have been impacted over the last 15 months probably more than they will ever be. We are super happy to be celebrating several things like the reopening of Domino Park, the return of Viernes Culturales, and finally, el 20 de mayo on Calle Ocho this month and we want you to practice local tourism with us if you have not already. If you have then come on back, we love Calle Ocho! 

20 de mayo 

El 20 de mayo is known as the Cuban Independence Day because on this day in 1902 the Republic of Cuba declared her independence from the United States since Spain had given up the last of the overseas colonies Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines to the USA.

We would like to begin a tradition to celebrate this holiday on our very own Calle Ocho thanks to the Amor, Paz, Cuba Foundation.  On May 22 the Amor, Paz, Cuba Foundation will be holding a private event in the Callejon de el Gallo located at 1421 SW 8 ST from 7PM to 10PM sponsored by Barcelo Rum. 

The event is a private event that will be held in the event venue behind the Havana Collection by the new mural of the Havana Harbor and the Little Havana Wall made possible by Fidel D Asis the Havana Collection.

Viernes Culturales

Back by popular demand and after serving the Calle Ocho community for 20 plus years is Viernes Culturales.  Back on the third Friday of every month in Domino Plaza on Friday May 21 from 12PM to 10PM.  The main objective of this festival is and always has been to preserve the Latin Art and Culture of Little Havana.

This event has gotten a little spicier with an after party at Casa Tiki to celebrate the return of SUÉNALO so jump in on the fun!

Reopening of Domino Park

For a year, the older adults that play dominos at Domino Park have been gathering in street medians, parking lots, and off to the side on street shoulders wherever they can to do one thing! PLAY DOMINOS…

Domino Park is a staple for our community. It is not just known worldwide it is where our locals gather in fellowship. Having contact with each other is essential for our mental health.  We are super happy that Domino Park is open and meeting social distancing guidelines by keeping certain tables off-limits for the time being.

What are you waiting for?  Come on down to Calle Ocho and have a great time eating at Mofongo, Saláo, Olds Havana, Cubata Tapas, 8 Burger, or maybe even grab a cigar from Casa del Tabaco after you do some shopping at the Havana Collection the sky is the limit! 

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