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CBP's top doctor under fire for allegedly attempting to procure fentanyl lollipops for UN trip in 2023

Whistleblowers accuse CBP chief medical officer of misconduct and flouting law related to fentanyl lollipops

The Customs and Border Protection agency is embroiled in controversy as allegations surface against its Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alexander Eastman. According to whistleblowers, Eastman purportedly sought to obtain fentanyl lollipops for a helicopter trip to the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City in September 2023. These startling accusations shed light on potential misconduct within the agency tasked with safeguarding America's borders and combating drug trafficking.

Unveiling the allegations of fentanyl & justification amid controversy

The Government Accountability Project received a whistleblower report detailing Dr. Eastman's alleged misconduct. The report highlighted Eastman's persistent efforts to secure fentanyl lollipops, a Schedule II narcotic, for his trip to the UN. Despite concerns raised by CBP staff, Eastman allegedly pressed on, justifying his request as a precautionary measure for emergencies.

Eastman purportedly defended his fentanyl request, citing the need for pain management in emergencies and aiding CBP operators or encountering patients in need. However, the urgency and manner of his requests raised eyebrows among CBP staff. Critics argue that the procurement of fentanyl, especially for non-medical personnel, could pose significant risks and ethical dilemmas.

Internal strife and policy disputes

Over six CBP employees were reportedly involved in Eastman's fentanyl requests, prompting concerns from senior leadership. Allegations suggest Eastman bypassed proper procedures, drafting and implementing a policy for the procurement, storage, and disposal of narcotics without approval. This unilateral action not only raises questions about Eastman's judgment but also about the integrity of CBP's internal processes.

Fentanyl written on a bottle label

Past investigations and workplace atmosphere

This isn't Eastman's first brush with controversy. Previous investigations by the CBP Office of Professional Responsibility revealed improper ordering and storage of narcotics. The whistleblower complaint also accuses Eastman of creating a hostile work environment through his actions and treatment of staff. Such allegations paint a troubling picture of leadership within CBP's medical division, potentially compromising the agency's effectiveness and morale.

In response to the allegations, CBP has referred the matter to its Office of Professional Responsibility for review. The agency emphasized its commitment to transparency and accountability. Additionally, CBP cited ongoing reviews following the tragic death of 8-year-old migrant girl AnadithDanay Reyes Alvarez in May 2023. These reviews aim to address systemic issues and ensure the delivery of quality medical care to individuals in CBP custody.

As the investigation unfolds, calls for accountability and reform within CBP grow louder. The alleged actions of Dr. Eastman raise concerns not only about his conduct but also about the oversight and governance of CBP's medical operations. What measures will be taken to address these allegations and restore trust in the agency's leadership remains to be seen.

In conclusion, the allegations against Dr. Alexander Eastman underscore the importance of accountability and transparency within law enforcement agencies like CBP. As investigations proceed, it remains imperative to uphold ethical standards and ensure the integrity of those entrusted with public safety.

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