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Cano Health opens a new location in Little Havana

Cano Health

Cano Health the medical, wellness and dental practice  for Seniors is bringing their mission for high-quality healthcare to your local area

Jose Carlucho of El Show de Carlucho and Maria Elvira Salazar made appearances at the grand opening celebration of Cano Health in Little Havana located at 1 Glen Royal Parkway. The rain also didn't stop the celebration made possible by an amazing team.

Cano Health focuses in on the mission of improved patient care for Seniors in the Little Havana area. They want to deliver the best primary medical care service possible, while also treating their patients like family and forming a bond with each member. Their method is to use preventive care to improve patient health and wellness. 

Through bringing this mission to life, Cano Health hopes to become the national leader in primary care and to improve the quality of life in the communities which they serve. They hope to do this while decreasing health care cost in these communities. 

cano health2 - Cano Health opens a new location in Little Havana

CEO Dr. Marlow Hernandez has led the team to complete this mission. Under his leadership, the medical practice has grown quickly and become one of the most respected health care companies in Florida. They have established their place in the medical industry by ensuring that their patients come before anything else. 

Patient-centered is just one of its features. The facility works tirelessly to improve the well-being of its patients, so patients leave their facility feeling better than when they entered. They does this by staying focused on service, according to Dr. Marlow and the staff.

Cano Health provides 24/7 service via phone to its members, in addition to “Cano at-home” medical care for patients with pre-defined conditions. Their hours are flexible, as they have morning, evening, and weekend availability, as well as same-day appointments and accommodations for urgent walk-in patients. Patients are also able to schedule appointments online.

cano health3 - Cano Health opens a new location in Little Havana

The medical practice also provides transportation services to its patients. If patients are unable to get to and from their appointment, a driver from Cano Health will pick them up, bring them to a Cano Health location, and bring them back home. 

Beyond these aspects, Cano Health also automatically enrolls members in a wellness program called “Cano Life,” where members can earn points through completing wellness activities and preventive care services. Cano Life points are traced annually starting when the patient is first enrolled. Once patients show their Cano Life card at the check-in for their appointment or activity at a wellness center, they earn points that later become rewards. 

Each member is automatically enrolled as a Silver Status, and as they complete more activities and services, they work upward toward Diamond Status. Cano Health has noted that their goal is to have all patients reach Diamond Status each year. 

Patients wishing to begin their journey toward that Diamond Status can visit their website and call the numbers corresponding to their desired location. 

To learn more about Cano Health, visit their website

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