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Business interruption insurance may have your back

denise gonzalez - Business interruption insurance may have your back

For business owners, money from business interruption insurance may represent a glimmer of hope during these uncertain times

Dennis Gonzalez Jr. is a Miami-based attorney who handles many homeowner’s insurance claims, property claims, commercial claims, and business interruption insurance claims. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Gonzalez is willing to help business owners review their insurance policies to determine whether or not they can claim business interruption.

Many businesses are currently struggling as a result of mandators closures. Many businesses cannot operate and as a result they are losing money that they would normally make if they could remain open.

This is a public safety issue, which Gonzalez understands. That is why he is willing to help these businesses in their financial recovery.

“If your business suffered financial losses because of the Coronavirus, your insurance policy may cover your losses,” said Gonzalez in a statement.

Attorney Gonzalez adjusts loss claims and litigates them in court. Residential and Commerical Property claims include cases such as fires, hurricane damage, vandalism, theft, water damage, roof damage, and loss of income. Commercial claims are becoming more common now that many businesses are closed and struggling.

“For business owners, money from their insurance company may represent a glimmer of hope during these uncertain times,” said Gonzalez. This is why he believes it is important to help local business owners during this time.

Gonzalez is very experienced, much of that experience comes from extensive court room exposure for jury trials in both civil and criminal matters. Gonzalez has had great success settling cases for his clients.

Gonzalez was also a Criminal Prosecutor for the State of Florida in our very own Miami-Dade County. In 2007, he received his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences. He received his master’s degree of public administration from the University of Miami Graduate School of Business in 2008 and graduated from St. Thomas School of Law in 2011.

Recently Gonzalez was selected as the winner of the 2020 International Advisory Experts (IAE) Award. This award grants recognition to firms and attorneys who have been successful in the past year. These attorneys have also received immense praise from their peers.

Attorney Dennis Gonzalez Jr. is well equipped to represent the needs of you or your business. Another great benefit is that you do not pay Mr. Gonzalez until he wins or settles your case.

“There are zero upfront costs,” said Gonzalez, emphasizing the word zero. “We don’t get paid until you do.”

You can sign up for a free policy review on this website. Mr. Gonzalez is conducting virtual consultations so that you can meet with him from the comfort of your home.

Gonzalez is located in West Bird Plaza, at 11401 SW 40th Street, Suite 204 in Miami. He can be contacted through phone at 305-209-0384 or through the website.

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