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Bushfire Breaks Out in West Miami-Dade

Bushfire in Miami-Dade broke out Tuesday and continues to burn

A bushfire broken out in a dry, grassy area.

A bushfire broke out in West Miami-Dade off SW 8th St. and 137th Ave., spreading across 100 acres of wooded area in the region, and fires burning into the nighttime despite continued efforts to put it out.

The devastating fire has taken over land close to various homes and businesses in West Miami-Dade, causing alarm among locals.

The current situation of the bushfire and its effects

The bushfire broke out on 100 acres in a wooded area, close to residential and commercial areas, leaving many businesses and homeowners concerned. The region has experienced bushfires due to the climate and abundance of dry, grassy land and wooded areas, but this was one of the worst.

Firefighters and other rescue specialists were in the area trying to contain the fire for much of Tuesday, putting out hotspots and trying to curb the spread. Drone footage captured the extent of the fire while fire rescue helicopters poured water over the flames to put them out.

Despite the consistent efforts to contain the fire, thick clouds of smoke and very high flames were seen in the area. However, the danger posed to homes is relatively low.

Two firefighters spraying water onto a raging fire.

Possible reasons and causes for the fire to break out

While fires can take place due to arson, electrical failure, chemical reactions, and other reasons, climate change. It’s been expected that the dry, hot weather, excess of dry grass and growth, and trees in the area are extremely dry, making it easy for the flames to spread fast and furiously.

Authorities are working to put the fire out and are on high alert to let locals know if evacuations are necessary. As of right now, there is no real danger to property or persons.

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