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Brian Kilmeade on Little Havana and What Made America Great

FOX Nation debuts season seven of its signature historical series What Made America Great with host Brian Kilmeade on Monday, June 28th, 2021

Being the Editor in Chief of a newspaper and digital platform like Calle Ocho News means occasionally getting phone calls from organizations like FOX NATION.  Fox Nation is a big-time entertainment streaming service brought to you by FOX News.  I was extremely pleased to hear about the debut of the series What Made America Great with host Brian Kilmeade that was about to air.

Every time I hear that there will be a spotlight on Little Havana and what I call the “Calle Ocho Strip”, I get so excited! I am immensely proud of the people, businesses, and vibe that make up the neighborhood and so I always look forward to doing my own part in representing the history that has been built here throughout time when given the opportunity.

What to expect in the Little Havana Episode of What Made America Great

You can expect to learn how Cubans began settling in Little Havana and how we thought it would be a temporary thing. They also talk about the betrayal experienced after fleeing the Castro regime.  In choosing the word betrayal they do so because Cubans fell for Castro’s lie about equality and like the City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez says in the episode.

“The only equality communism delivers is equal misery”

City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

In the episode Senator Marco Rubio also makes an appearance and explains the process by which Florida became a Republican State but not without crediting the many “People” that came and had to start from scratch after losing everything. 

Brian Kilmeade Fox Nation

“People who were in law school or were lawyers, doctors, architects came here and started by washing dishes at a hotel or maybe construction work.  Some of them made it back to what their dream was but some did not. Many at most were incredibly grateful for taking the opportunity to give their children a better life.” Senator Marco Rubio

This will be a four-part season where Brian Kilmeade will venture to Little Havana with our Mayor Francis Suarez who talks about needing just 2 things like Faith and Family to get through the worst in life.  He tours a huge underground bunker with Governor of West Virginia Jim Justice (R), explore Ernest Hemingway’s house in a unique tour that takes place in Key West, Florida and last but not least he will take viewers along for very scenic views of the Montauk Lighthouse. 

Episode One: Little Havana

Joined by Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez (R), Kilmeade spends time with him in the streets of Little Havana to learn more about the Cuban exile community that fled the Communist Castor back in the 1960’s, simultaneously making Miami into a booming economy.  

Episode Two: The Greenbrier

This episode takes place in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia where Brian Kilmeade explores to The Greenbrier, a five-star luxury resort, and tours the massive underground that lies below. Burried deep on the side of a mountain, the bunker was built for Congress as a highly secretive fallout shelter during the Cold War and stayed confidential for over thirty years. 

Episode Three: Hemingway House

Taking a trip down south Brian Kilmeade travels to the very loved town of Key West, FL and takes a tour to the legendary home of the very well-known author Ernest Hemingway. While there he discovers the actual location that keeps all of Hemingway’s novels and while there sits down with Key West Historian Tom Hambright for the complete experience. 

Episode Four: Montauk Lighthouse

If you have ever wanted to know more about the full history of Montauk, NY, Kilmeade heads out East to visit the Montauk Lighthouse Museum. Engulfed by scenic views and joins Lighthouse keeper Joe Gaviola. Kilmeade gets deep into the area where the 26th President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” spent their time after the Spanish American War. 

Get more information on the Fox Nation website.

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