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Jumpstart your day at the finest breakfast restaurants in Miami

From modest cafes with a creative menu to traditional diners, Miami has plenty of restaurants serving delicious breakfast every day of the week

Miami restaurants provide many delicious options with unique, inventive flavors from American, Latin, Italian, Southern, French, and Cuban cuisines. Here are some of the best breakfast restaurants in Miami to jumpstart your day.

Orange Blossom

The Orange Blossom is one of the popular breakfast places compared to other eateries in the area. With fresh, organic foods and a strong emphasis on healthy eating, the cuisine is delightfully distinct. This eating experience is heavily reliant on ambiance.

Outdoor sitting gives more to the touch with a jungle theme. Whether dining by the fountain or in the charming dining room decorated in the style of the 1950s, you will simply love the atmosphere here.

On workdays, try different avocado toasts, pastries, desserts, and fruit for breakfast. French toast with mixed berries, Nutella, and chocolate drizzle is big favorites.

Café Bastille

Visits to Café Bastille are the closest substitutes for a vacation to France. The French cuisine specialists offer an all-day breakfast, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods at any time of day.

Whatever your mood, this French Café has something to offer, be it savory, sweet, or in the middle. Some of the more delicious foods include French toast with stuffed Nutella and red velvet pancakes, while simpler items like croissants with your favorite jam and Greek yogurt for healthier selections.

pancakes with sauce and cream

More options are available for those with savory tastes, including the restaurant's well-known Croissant Egg Benedicts. Other popular dishes include the Croquemadame and Croquemonsieur, as well as the restaurant's distinctive crepes.

Cafe Creme

Do you crave handmade bread and pastries? The best spot to go is Café Créme.

In addition to its award-winning quiche Lorraine, this cafe offers a variety of coffee specialties, healthy takeaway, and fresh juices alternatives. This quaint café is the perfect breakfast place in the center of Miami, whether you're searching for a quick takeaway or want to stay in to make your day memorable.

Ol'Days Farm to Table

Indulge in the whole spectrum of vibrant colors at this breakfast eatery, which offers a huge breakfast menu every day. Food items like waffles, banana pancakes, vegan banana bread, and coconut yogurt are must-try options.

Scones, alfajores, and rasin and oats cookies are available for those who are always in a hurry. They go well with the hazelnut-flavored latte or coconut lemonade. For a morning boost, you can also try their popular Arabic coffee.

range of breakfast dishes


The purpose of Chef Michael Beltran's dedication to the American diner at Chug's is to improve and reimagine foods that people have known all of their lives. He reinvents typical diner food by giving it a classical Cuban twist.

The wedge salad's chunks of steak-cut bacon that resemble chicharrones, the truly amazing Big Mac-inspired burger, and the delicious chocolate cake similar to Burger King's triangle-boxed desserts are all evidence of this.

Cozy booths, natural wooden decor, and 1950s rock playing over the speakers add to the ambiance.

Lots o' Lox

This famous eatery routinely serves one of Miami's greatest breakfasts and does it reasonably fast. You won't go hungry for very long because there is hardly a wait longer than thirty minutes.

The bagels are always wonderfully toasted, the eggs are fluffy, and the lox and nova options are always very tasty. The waffles are just as you would like them to be—beautifully toasted and fluffy on the inside. If you're unsure about what you should order, just remember that whatever you select for breakfast will always be a good choice.

donuts and fruits on a plate

Before you know it, you'll be a frequent visitor to one (probably more) of these breakfast restaurants in Miami.

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