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The body of an elderly man was found dead in a Miami-Dade canal

Police officials pulled the body of an elderly man from a Miami-Dade canal the day after Thanksgiving

Police officials pulled out the body of an elderly man from a Miami-Dade County canal on Friday afternoon, November 25.

Here’s what happened:

The body of an elderly man in his 80s was pulled from a canal in southwest Miami-Dade

On Friday, November 25, at around 12.50 pm, police found a dead man’s body lying face down in a canal located in the Kendale Lakes area, 13100 block of Southwest Miami-Dade, after getting a call about it.

According to Detective Luis Sierra, spokesperson at the Miami-Dade police department, the man was in his 80s and was doing yard work at that time.

The officers are still investigating the scene and haven’t indicated whether they suspect foul play. The body of an elderly man hasn’t been publicly identified, either.

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The second incident at the Miami-Dade canal in just two days

The elderly man’s body is the second body found in the canal in the past two days.

On Thursday morning, while people got ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, a man was found dead in his car in a Miami Springs canal.

The car had been submerged in the water overnight, according to Miami Springs chief police officer Armando Guzman.

Authorities in the area responded at around 9.15 am near Ludlam Drive and South Melrose Drive. The units included a fire rescue, air, and dive team who pulled the man out of the car and took him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The case is currently under investigation by the homicide division of the Miami-Dade County police department, which handles traffic-related deaths.

According to officials, there’s no information about the man or how the car ended up in the canal. There is no proof yet that the car was in a crash since only one car was found submerged.

Homicide detectives are still trying to figure out what happened before the authorities found the body.

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