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BKFC Prospect Series launches at Miami-Dade Fairgrounds

Prominent combat sports promotion introduces BKFC Prospect Series on August 24

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), recognized as the “world's fastest-growing combat sports promotion”, is gearing up to unveil an electrifying addition to its offerings – the BKFC Prospect Series. This thrilling series is set to kick off on Thursday, August 24, within the dynamic atmosphere of Arnold Hall at the Miami Dade Fairgrounds. The inaugural event precedes BKFC-49, scheduled to take place at the same venue the following night.

Spotlighting BKFC Prospect Series rising stars

BKFC's Founder and President David Feldman has elaborated on the exciting prospects of this new series. The BKFC Prospect Series is designed as a monthly spectacle, coinciding with the location of BKFC's numbered shows. It's an exceptional platform to showcase the talents of both male and female fighters coming from diverse combat sports backgrounds, including mixed martial arts, muaythai, and boxing.

The BKFC Prospect Series series offers fans a firsthand look at individuals who have participated in open tryouts and an opportunity to witness their potential under the bright spotlight, potentially leading to a coveted BKFC contract.

Feldman further highlighted the success of BKFC's open tryouts, which have resulted in significant global attention. The Prospect Series elevates the exposure for these bare-knuckle fighters, offering a glimpse into their skill sets. Additionally, the series accommodates fightslots for those who might not find room on the conventional numbered shows, expanding the platform for emerging talent.

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Join the BKFC experience

For fight enthusiasts and those eager to be part of combat sports history, tickets for the BKFC Prospects Series 1 start at just $40 and can be secured through The prestigious Miami Dade Fairgrounds, located at 10901 SW 24th Street, Miami, FL 33165, is set to host this thrilling event.

Notably, BKFC Prospects Series 1 will be accessible to international audiences through the BKFC+ Subscription, available for $7.99 per month on the innovative New BKFC App – your ultimate source for unparalleled combat sports content.

As BKFC ushers in a new era with the Prospect Series, the adrenaline-charged excitement of combat sports reaches new heights.

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