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Cruise nude? Bare all on the Big Nude Boat in 2025

What passengers reveal about all-nude cruise

Imagine setting sail for 11 days on a cruise ship teeming with over 2,300 passengers – all completely nude. For some, the thought might conjure images of chaos and discomfort. However, passengers who've experienced similar cruises with Bare Necessities, the company behind the "Big Nude Boat" departing Miami next year, paint a surprisingly different picture. Continue reading this news to learn more about the all-nude cruise.

Breaking down cruise nudity concerns

Reddit user wisecommenter2, who participated in a previous 2,000-person Bare Necessities cruise, alleviated common anxieties. They explained that public displays of affection were not tolerated, and seeing someone aroused would be considered inappropriate in that setting.

The focus is on relaxation and enjoying the company of like-minded individuals, not public displays of affection. But comfort extends beyond behavior. Surprisingly, hygiene is a top priority for nudists.

Wisecommenter2 stressed that proper hygiene was vital, emphasizing that bare buttocks should never come into contact with any public surface. They went on to clarify that nudists, as a group, were just as concerned, if not more so, with maintaining cleanliness than the average person.

According to an attending physician in infectious disease at Northwell Health, Dr. Bruce Hirsch, proper hygiene practices eliminate any additional health risks associated with being nude on a cruise ship. He explained to PEOPLE Magazine that from a health standpoint, there's little difference between being crammed together on a boat while clothed or nude.

Dr. Hirsch did, however, identify one potential drawback: sunburn. He advised that the thinner skin on male genitalia makes it more susceptible to severe sunburn, emphasizing the importance of sun protection for male passengers on these cruises.

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No sweat (literally)

While concerns about catching contagious diseases like norovirus might be a worry for some, Dr. Hirsch sought to reassure potential cruisers. He clarified in an interview that simply coming into contact with someone nude who is carrying the virus isn't a cause for alarm. Dr. Hirsch explained sweat itself doesn't harbor the pathogen responsible for norovirus.

Dr. Hirsch shed light on the real culprit behind the spread of norovirus: contaminated surfaces. He explained that the virus is transmitted when it comes into contact with surfaces, which people then touch, unknowingly picking up the norovirus. According to Dr. Hirsch, this method of transmission remains the same regardless of whether someone is clothed or nude.

Dr. Hirsch even identified a potential advantage to being nude on a cruise. He pointed out that while a passenger having diarrhea anywhere on the ship would be unpleasant, in the unlikely event of such an incident, it would be more readily noticeable if the person were nude, allowing for quicker intervention.

Beyond a swimsuit (or the absence of one), what should you pack for a Bare Necessities cruise? Sunscreen becomes a crucial item, especially for men. Wisecommenter2, a previous passenger, advised applying sunscreen even more liberally than usual on these cruises.

Beyond sun protection, social etiquette is key. While nudity is the norm, respecting personal space and boundaries remains crucial. The idea of a nude cruise might be unconventional, but for some, it offers a unique and liberating vacation experience.

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