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Diversifying palate with the best Puerto Rican restaurants

Visit these five Puerto Rican restaurants in Miami Beach to satiate your tastebuds

Puerto Rican cooking has a unique and tasty blend of Taino, Spanish and African cuisines with some elements of American cuisine. The use of indigenous ingredients and seasonings makes the food mouth-watering.

Visitors and locals can now elevate their tastebuds with five restaurants offering authentic Puerto Rican cuisine in Miami Beach.

Here are the top Puerto Rican restaurants for fine dining paired with flavorful cocktails and more.

100 x 35 Cocina Con Raices

100 x 35 refers to the measurements in miles of Puerto Rico Island and a “kitchen with roots.” This restaurant is a true testament to the centuries-old Puerto Rican cuisine. The restaurant offers every delicious meal in Miami Beach, from sorullitos and bacalaitos to friend snapper, alcapurrias, and mofongo.

The New Puerto Rican Restaurant pays homage to its roots and culinary art.

A little further to El Bori Food Truck

Stroll a little further to find El Bori Food Truck serving creative Puerto Rican street food, from shrimp tacos and tripelatas wraps to fresh lemonades, sandwiches, and pina coladas. This food truck was established in 2017 and is famous for its creative sandwiches filled with Puerto Rican love.

Their supreme fries are filled with ground beef and spicy mayo and cilantro-mayo topping. Customers review them 10/10 on Yelp.

Puro Sazon Latino

Puro Sazon Latino is famous for its beloved mofongo, Cuban sandwiches, and fish. Guests love their arroz con gandules – a quintessential Puerto Rican dish made from pigeon peas and rice, but its aroma comes from sofrito – a blend of sweet Caribbean peppers, green peppers, garlic, onions, recao, and ajis dulces.

A restaurant’s interior

Metropol Restaurant

Specializing in international, Cuban, and Puerto Rican cuisine, this option for Puerto Rican restaurants offers scrumptious meals with a sizeable wine list and a full bar along with contemporary décor. It’s the home of Gallinita Rellena, or stuffed chicken.

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