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Visionary excellence: Bascom Palmer Eye institute reigns supreme in ophthalmology rankings for two decades

Celebrate Bascom Palmer Eye Institute's remarkable achievement as it maintains its position as the nation's leading ophthalmology institute

For the 20th consecutive year, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute has emerged as the pinnacle of excellence in ophthalmology across the United States, solidifying its status as a leader in eye care and innovation.

The recently released 2023-2024 "Best Hospitals" rankings by US News & World Report have once again positioned Bascom Palmer at the forefront of ophthalmological expertise.

Bascom Palmer: Pinnacle of Ophthalmology Excellence

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, part of the University of Miami Hospitals and Clinics, continues its extraordinary reign as the nation's premier institution for eye care. Securing the #1 ranking in ophthalmology for the 20th consecutive year is a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional patient care, groundbreaking research, and cutting-edge advancements in the field.

The "Best Hospitals" rankings evaluate medical and surgical services across more than 30 specialties. Bascom Palmer's consistent top ranking underscores its dedication to providing data-driven decision tools for patients seeking the highest quality of care. The institute's reputation extends beyond ophthalmology, with 22 hospitals achieving recognition on the national Honor Roll for their exceptional performance in various specialties.

Ophthalmology treatment - a young woman checking her visual acuity - checking a reaction on the green light

Shaping the Future of Ophthalmology

Eduardo C Alfonso, MD, the director of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, emphasized the institute's commitment to innovation and patient care. With a team of 1800 staff and faculty members, the institute has transformed vision care by leveraging technologies such as bioinformatics, data analytics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

Alfonso highlighted their ambitious research initiatives, including exploring the potential of whole eye transplants to restore vision through the optic nerve, offering hope to patients with nerve-damaging conditions.

Bascom Palmer's commitment to excellence extends to its ophthalmology residency program, which has been ranked the best in the US by Doximity, an online professional network for US physicians. This achievement underscores the institute's dedication to nurturing the next generation of skilled eye care professionals.

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