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Banging noises could be misleading search crews during the OceanGate submersible search

Canadian aircraft detected banging noises during the underwater search for a OceanGate missing submersible

On Sunday, June 18, 2023, OceanGate launched its third voyage to the Titanic wreckage site. According to the US Coast Guard, the support vessel lost contact an hour and 45 minutes into the launch.

Underwater banging noises were heard in the North Atlantic Ocean following the search for the Titan that was carrying five people. The search is ongoing, and there are many speculations. Resources also suggest that OceanGate was warned about catastrophic outcomes. Read below.

Underwater banging noises in submersible search

Dr. Jeff Karson, a distinguished professor emeritus of earth and environmental sciences at Syracuse University, has raised concerns about the potential drawbacks of protracted efforts to triangulate the origin of unidentified sounds detected by search-and-rescue teams on Tuesday and Wednesday. Karson fears that this delay could inadvertently divert vital resources away from the actual location requiring investigation, should the source of the sounds prove to be something other than trapped crew members banging on the ship's hull.

With ongoing rescue operations to locate the missing crew members, time is of the essence. However, the triangulation process, which involves pinpointing the exact location of sounds based on their intensity and timing from different points of reference, could be time-consuming.

"I'm deeply concerned that there may be spurious or false sounds being detected, leading the search efforts astray from the critical area that demands investigation," expressed Karson, highlighting the potential risk of misdirected search operations due to the reliance on triangulation data.

Karson's worry stems from the possibility of false positives, where unrelated sounds or extraneous noise could be mistaken for signals from trapped crew members. Such a scenario could result in valuable resources being allocated to the wrong area, delaying the rescue operation and reducing the chances of locating and aiding the distressed individuals.

Efficient and accurate triangulation is essential for search-and-rescue missions, but Karson emphasizes the importance of thoroughly vetting the gathered data and validating the credibility of the detected sounds. This cautious approach aims to ensure that search efforts remain focused on the most promising leads, ultimately maximizing the likelihood of a successful rescue.

As search teams continue their dedicated efforts to locate the missing crew members, balancing the need for prompt action with meticulous evaluation becomes crucial. The expertise and guidance of acoustic specialists like Dr. Jeff Karson serve as invaluable assets in navigating the complexities of sound detection and interpretation during high-stakes search-and-rescue operations.

Titanic underwater wreckage

OceanGate was warned about the outcome

OceanGate operates the Titan submersible. The company was warned regarding catastrophic outcomes. The experts in the submersible industry wrote a letter to OceanGate in 2018 to address the current CEO Stockton Rush who is also on board, stating their apprehensions towards OceanGate’s experimental approach.

The 30-plus leaders in the industry signed the letter, which highlighted possible safety problems and their negative effect on the reputation of the industry. The letter also highlighted that the company’s claim about its watercraft design exceeding industry standards is misleading.

As more news continues to circulate, the US Coast Guard is searching below water using aircraft and sonar technology tools. Besides one pilot, there are four mission specialists, people who pay to board expeditions, who are on board the submersible.

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