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Bad Bunny on TIME Magazine’s first ever Spanish-language cover

Bad Bunny becomes the first Spanish-language cover star of TIME Magazine 

Born and named Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, the 29-year-old rapper Bad Bunny has made history by gracing TIME Magazine’s Spanish-language cover. This has happened for the first time in hundred years that TIME Magazine’s cover title has been in Spanish.

The Spanish Title “El Mundo de Bad Bunny” translates to “The World of Bad Bunny.” The cover also highlights the rapper’s quote saying, “I’m not going to do anything else to make you like it.” Here’s everything you should know about this Latino rapper.

Bad Bunny gracing TIME

Being on the Spanish-language edition cover of TIME Magazine isn’t the only milestone that Bad Bunny has touched. He is also the most listened-to musician on Spotify for the last three years.

His 2022 tour made the record for the highest earnings. He sang in Spanish for the first time at the 2023 Grammy Awards ceremony, where he also won the Best Musica Urbana Album Award for his album “Un Verano Sin Ti.”

His TIME feature includes an update on playing a Marve Superhero role called El Muerto and his successful music career. Un Verano Sin Ti is his 5th album, which became the top-performing album on Billboard, beating Harry Styles and Taylor Swift in the awards.

He says that he wants to be Benito so he can do whatever he wants. The Hispanic rapper managed to perform at a little place once a month where he would be happy to share his music with thousands of people. That said, he also told the media that it’s impossible because he wants to give more.

His single English song will release soon, but he has won many accolades for his artistic work. Talking to the media, he also highlighted on non-Latinos are trying to be one because it’s cool nowadays.

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny: where did the name come from?

Bad Bunny was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on 10th March 1994. His stage name Bad Bunny was inspired by his childhood picture, where he was seen dressed up as a bunny. He shared his picture on social media and created his Twitter handle with the same name.

Bad Bunny performed his tracks in a FL studio as well as composed song lyrics, which he used to publish on different platforms. Today, he is the most recognized, versatile, and creative artist in the world.

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