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The Ausome Foundation and “THE ART OF BEING AUSOME”

The Ausome Foundation held an art-based event at the Coral Gables Museum and celebrated talented artists in Miami

This year’s Autism Awareness Month kicked off on a high note. Ausome Foundation hosted an incredible community-based event called “The Art of Being Ausome,” at the Coral Gables Museum last week, inviting the public to learn more about their various pilot art programs.

Let’s learn a bit more about the event in detail here:

What happened at the event,

The event featured two major attractions. First, a live light art installation by R.O. Schabbach, an award-winning celebrity artist from Dusseldorf, Germany. He and his wife, Sherri Tyler worked to design an award-winning and record-holding Light Art installation, “Symphony of Colors.” Additionally, Schabbach has also been honored with six World Records, Biennale Awards, and other accolades.

The event also featured works by the incredibly-talented Cuban-American artist ​​Vic Garcia, who lives in Miami. He was able to put up pieces available for purchase and items for auction and has also volunteered his time in the pilot arts program. Garcia has traveled around the tri-county area, painting various gorgeous murals and public art pieces, especially in schools.

A group of people poses at the Ausome Foundation event.

The purpose of the event

The Ausome Foundation and their event’s main purpose was to shed light on the organization's ongoing pilot art programs, which are designed to benefit children on the spectrum. The programs are available in both public and private schools across the US but don’t have nearly enough support, awareness, or funding, which the organization hopes to change.

Follow the Ausome Foundation online and keep track of their incredible efforts via Instagram @ausomefoundation and their website, or email them for information about volunteering opportunities.

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