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Art Basel Miami Beach: What to expect this year

Explore the local and international art and fashion scene at Art Basel Miami Beach 2022

North America’s biggest international art fair is marking its 20th year in South Florida from Thursday, December 1 to Saturday, December 3.

Here, people will find thousands of artists, dealers, collectors, and aficionados taking in the beauty of contemporary art across 282 leading galleries exhibiting paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, videos, and digital art from young talents and masters alike.

The art fair will also host Conversations featuring panel discussions on the global contemporary art scene. Prominent artworld members will be attending the discussion, including artists, curators, critics, gallerists, and other figures, presenting their opinions of creating, collecting, and showcasing artwork.  

A short guide to exploring Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is an extraordinary art affair — it’s one of the four art fairs hosted around the world.

Marking its second decade, this year, art lovers can expect to enjoy contemporary art in all its liveliness and color.

Divided into sections, it’s an organized event that attendees can explore according to their interests.

The main focus areas are:


Here, people can explore the top 213 galleries, all featuring extraordinary and most-sought-after artworks in different mediums.


This area will feature artworks created by one, two, or three artists over the span of the last three years.


Explore this sector to view large-scale art projects that aim to renew the boundaries of traditional art.


History geek will find historical art in the galleries in Survey.


Featuring editioned prints and artworks, this area will be brimming with publishers and artists.


Have a look at themed grouped artworks, solo art pieces, and historical art in this curated section.


For magazine lovers, the galleries here will feature international art publications.

a gallery showing contemporary art

More about Art Basel Miami

This art fair is held at Miami Beach Convention Center and features a week full of spectacular exhibitions, art fairs, and events during the most-awaited Miami Art Week.

Learn more about Art Basel and get your exhibition tickets today by visiting their website.

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