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ARM reveals extreme animal cruelty at Mary’s Ranch

Operation Cabrera exposed the animal cruelty happening behind closed doors at Matadero Cabrera Slaughterhouse

Matadero Cabrera Slaughterhouse, also known as Mary’s Ranch, is one of the most known slaughterhouses in Florida. Located in Hialeah, the slaughterhouse was recently investigated by Animal Recovery Mission (ARM). ARM is a nonprofit organization that hopes to end animal cruelty worldwide. The undercover investigation discovered that law enforcement officers were overlooking animal cruelty. 

The investigation found that cows were suffering prolonged deaths at the facility. This is because untrained workers were handling the cows. These workers used improper techniques to put them down. Most times, ARM found that the workers did not know how to use a captive bolt gun. 

A captive bolt gun stuns an animal before slaughtering them. The impact of the bolt renders the animal unconscious, making their death more humane. 

It often took workers six or seven attempts to render the cows unconscious, according to ARM. Afterward, workers stabbed the cows to death with no stunning methods used. Workers then proceeded to butcher the animals. 

A similar process occurred with the pigs at Mary’s Ranch. ARM found that pigs were not well stunned. Workers stabbed the pigs and threw them into boiling water while they were still alive.

ARM also found that customers were even invited to take part in the killing process. Customers have no training or experience using captive bolt guns. Thus, they worsened the suffering that the animals experienced. 

According to ARM, this is “shocking and incriminating evidence of gross misconduct, food and public safety issues, the selling of unadulterated meat, and major animal cruelty crimes in clear violation of the Humane Slaughter Act.”

United States Department of Agriculture inspectors were present to witness these events. Along with veterinarians and local law enforcement officers, these officials did not intervene. These officials are on-sight at Mary’s Ranch to oversee the treatment of animals. During the selling process, they perform food safety checks and regulate the butchering. 

Mary's Ranch has been in operation for 43 years. They have never received a violation from the USDA. 

Over time, animal rights advocates have found many USDA federal slaughter facilities controversial. The ARM’s investigative goal was to reveal horrors that have been hidden from the public for decades. Their discoveries confirm the scary truth about the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses. 

To learn more or view images and videos from the ARM investigation, visit Animal Recovery Mission's website.

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