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Ariel Rodriguez on 3 things: Integrity, justice, and facing challenges headstrong

Hard work and integrity have always been at the forefront of Ariel Rodriguez’s journey from attorney to judicial candidate

Ariel Rodriguez, born and raised in South Florida, is a diligent attorney with the Department of Justice and a man who’s big on integrity and justice. He’s currently running against incumbent Mark Bloomstein for Miami-Dade Court Judge. We had the pleasure of speaking with him about his judicial candidacy and why he is committed to serving the people of South Florida, and his story is truly inspiring.

Why he’s running for State Court Judge

After law school, Ariel Rodriguez clerked for a federal judge in Washington D.C., Stephen Mitchell, for two years. Mitchell was a man of faith, intellect, compassion, and great work ethic. He was more than just a mentor for Rodriguez. In fact, the attorney admits that working so closely with Mitchell inspired him to become a judge, and his mentor actively supported this decision.

Ariel Rodriguez’s parents were immigrants, and he’s one of the first people in his family to get a college education. His parents always encouraged him to strive for education, have a good work ethic, and do something that brings good to the world. While his family was initially concerned that he chose this career path, Rodriguez says that this is the best decision he’s ever made. Nothing makes him happier than to be giving back to be serving the community he grew up in.

Ariel has always been big on integrity and standing up for what’s right. Even if that comes with sacrifice and tough decisions like being away from his family, he’s ready to take on the challenges that come with being a State Court Judge and doing the best for the community no matter which division he’s placed in, be it Criminal Law, Civil Law, or Children’s Court.

How he aims to serve the community

Even though the legal system largely follows a set of guidelines, Congress and State laws can have their own discretions based on the crime and the seriousness of the offence. Rodriguez believes that justice is all about making sure everyone gets a decent chance. As a judge, he wants every person who walks into his courtroom to know that he got a fair shot regardless of the decision that is made.

When he’s not helping clients fight through cases of bankruptcy, Rodriguez officiates college and high school football teams and has even been a Youth, High School, and  College Football referee. Not only does this allow him to play his part in community service, but Ariel also says it’s the best form of stress relief.

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