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Are you on the Waitlist for your Section 8 application?

An update has been given on your Section 8 status thanks to Commissioner Joe A. Martinez

On May 4, 2021, the Miami Dade Board of Commissioners approved the resolution proposed by Commissioner Joe A. Martinez that revised the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. This resolution will dissolve the current waitlist and open it up to more applications. 

With the current economic situation, many find themselves in need of Section 8 housing. Miami-Dade is doing its best to be able to provide support to as many constituents as possible. 

As Commissioner Martinez said, “Many families in need have been waiting too long to apply for Section 8 housing. I wanted to make sure that these families were given a day to submit their application and have the opportunity to obtain the housing assistance that they need.” 

If you have already filed your application and find yourself on the waitlist, you do not have to submit a new application for the new cycle. Applications are being processed daily by the Public Housing and Community Development Agency (PHC). The agency will determine which applications will be selected based on different criteria. 

Applications are available online, as well as, in paper copies that can be picked up from various locations in Miami-Dade.  

Section 8, or the Housing Choice Voucher Program is a living assistance program that pays a portion or all of the rent for individuals that live in approved properties. To be eligible for this program in Florida, you must:

  • Have a physical address and be at least 18 years of age 
  • Applicants and members of the household must pass a background check 
  • Social Security numbers and information regarding the citizenship status of all family members 
  • Submission of proof of income for all family members that must meet the Florida federal Section 8 annual household income limits
  • There may be additional requirements if you wish to qualify for special Section 8 programs. 

When applying to the Section 8 Housing program, be sure to complete all portions of the application carefully, to be considered for the program.

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