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Appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine by phone

Covid-19 Vaccine

Seniors struggling to schedule the COVID-19 vaccine appointments online can call these locations

COVID-19 vaccine sites in South Florida have relied on technology for appointment scheduling. Miami-Dade and Broward locations have allowed recipients to book appointments via their websites. Miami-Dade’s public hospital network, Jackson Health System, announces open slots on Twitter.

This system is difficult for older citizens in South Florida to work with. Many seniors are not accustomed to using technology. Some may have to rely on young family or friends to book their appointments. Since many do not have this luxury, some may never get an opportunity to book an appointment for the vaccine.

Luckily, some South Florida vaccination sites have started scheduling appointments by phone. Below you can find a list of these locations. 

Miami-Dade County

Seniors ages 65 or older can call 305-614-2014 to book an appointment. Vaccinations can be administered at several different locations. Some of these locations include Zoo Miami and Tropical Park. 

Marlins Park 

Marlins Park is a popular vaccination site in Miami. You do not currently need to live within city limits to receive the vaccine. However, you will have to show proof of residency in Florida. Those wanting to schedule an appointment can call 888-499-0840. If you are hearing impaired, call 888-256-8918. 

Leon Medical Centers

Any senior age 65 or older can call 305-642-5366 to make an appointment at Leon Medical Centers. The operator will also schedule a driver to pick you up if you are in need of transportation. 

The Florida Department of Health in Broward County

To inquire about available appointment slots, you can call 866-201-6313. This location is open to frontline healthcare workers and seniors ages 65 and older. If you are hearing impaired, call 833-476-1526.

You may contact the above numbers to schedule an appointment at other Broward County locations. These include: 

  • Tradewinds Park
  • Vista View Park
  • Markham Park & Target Range
  • Snyder Park
  • Central Broward Park and Broward County Stadium
  • Coral Square Mall

Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens

The Hard Rock Stadium is a popular testing site. The stadium is currently scheduling first and second dose appointments. Frontline healthcare workers and seniors ages 65 and older can call 888-499-0840. The line for the hearing impaired is 888-256-8918. 

Anyone in need of the second dose of the vaccine should be mindful of the administration window. The Pfizer vaccine requires three weeks between the initial and second dose. The Moderna vaccine requires one month between the initial and second dose. When receiving your second dose, be sure to have your picture ID and vaccination card.

Anyone who received their first dose at the Hard Rock will receive a call when it is time for the second dose. The phone number contacting you have a 786 area code. Upon no answer, the operator will leave a voicemail and try again. 

For reference, if you received the vaccine on Jan. 4, you should be contacted by the end of the week of Jan. 25. If you have not been contacted by then, you should contact the division at their website

For more information about vaccination policies, visit

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