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Anti-Semitic Flyers and Pebbles Investigation Ongoing

Multiple cities in South Florida have been struck by hundreds of Anti-Semitic flyers circulated around anonymously.

Miami and other cities in South Florida are struggling to wrap their heads around the latest incident of hate crimes, as Anti-Semitic flyers and pebbles have mysteriously been distributed throughout communities.

Hundreds of citizens woke up to find plastic bags filled with pebbles and hateful posters outside their homes, and it’s unclear where they came from. As a result, however, Mayor Dan Gelber Tweeted that patrols have been increased while Miami Dade PD carries out their investigation.

More details about the incident

The city of Miami and neighboring city, Surfside, as well as Denver and San Francisco, are among those that have been affected by this act. Security footage shows a car driving through a Surfside neighborhood tossing out the plastic bags that contain Anti-Semitic flyers and pebbles, with some bone-chilling text and details printed on them.

The posters all share common features and content, and the cities are all home to large populations of Jewish people, which makes it all the more alarming. It’s a deliberate attempt at hurting a community that makes up 2.4% of all US adults.

The posters list the names of all leading health officials in Washington who are Jewish and on the frontlines of the pandemic, accusing them of being complicit with its spread. Additionally, the flyer goes on to describe the pandemic and every aspect of COVID-19 as part of the Jewish agenda, stating:

“Every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish.”

In what is downright harmful misinformation, conspiracy, and hate speech, the flyers continue to cause alarm. Many of the flyers were accompanied with anti-vaxxer and white-supremacist rhetoric as well, which has led to authorities forming some clues as to who is responsible.

According to one official, the hate crime has been carried out by a loose network of individuals with shared values, who are proponents of both white supremacism and anti-vaccination, and routinely engage in Anti-Semitic activities.

What this means for the community

The Jewish community in Miami has been an integral part of the city for nearly three centuries, with over 60 federations and a large population of Jewish individuals calling the city home.

They have been involved in all major fields, from education to healthcare, and have been at the forefront of politics and community-building for a long time. Yet the community continues to be attacked and ostracized through Anti-Semitic attacks, hate speech, and incidents such as this.

As of right now, it’s unclear who is responsible for this hate crime, but as investigators carry out their work and look into possible leads and suspects, people are getting nervous. Patrol has been increased across Jewish-majority neighborhoods, plages of worship, and religious and cultural institutions to prevent further escalation or the possibility of more attacks.

It’s a terrible sight to witness, especially at a time when people are incredibly vulnerable and dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, political and social disruption, and much more.


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