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Anti-government protests resurface as Cubans demand attention to the ongoing human rights crisis

Heavy security, internet issues, and transport delays are expected as anti-government protests continue

In the early hours of July 15, reports of anti-government protests surfaced across Cuba. Nearly a year has passed since Cuba saw the highest turnout since the revolution, and the protestors have been awaiting their sentence.

There will likely be major transportation issues and heavy security all over the area. Here’s what we know about the protests so far:

Protests are expected to continue

Protests broke out on the morning of July 15 in multiple cities around Cuba, including Havana, Los Palacios, and Pinar del Rio. Protesters complained about power outages, other issues, and government policies.

Thousands of people assembled in front of Havana's Palace de la Revolucion but were eventually evacuated by police. Hundreds of protestors were out in the streets in Los Palacios and Pinar de Rio, chanting slogans against the administration. The Cuban government responded by periodically blocking internet and telecommunications services across the country and dispatching massive groups of security officers.

Protestors holding placards in the street.

What locals should be prepared for

The protests are expected to spread throughout the country. Havana will probably see heightened security measures. Nationwide, people should expect internet and telecom connectivity issues and public transportation delays due to ongoing security checks. The situation might escalate to mass arrests and physical clashes between demonstrators and security.

Locals should stay away from the demonstrations since it’s expected that fights may break out between the police and the demonstrators. In the event of a violent breakout, it is best to seek refuge in a non-government building.

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