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Another Rip Current Warning Issued for Atlantic Coast Beaches

Another rip current warning has been predicted for beaches along the Atlantic and Gulf waters and coasts, with beachgoers being discouraged to going into the water

Miami-Dade and other parts of South Florida are witnessing some incredible weather, including sunny skies, warm breezes, and an overall sense of calm with the arrival of spring.

However, it’s not all pleasant as yet another rip current warning has been issued, requesting beachgoers, including locals and tourists, to be wary.

What predictions for rip currents say

There are predictions for rip currents based on high-speed winds that will be moving at up to 22 mph all the way through to Saturday. The powerful winds are likely to contribute to rip currents in the area and affect dozens of beachgoers, including locals and tourists alike.

The warning recommends that people avoid heading to these areas, especially given that rain and isolated thunderstorms are also expected. Should the storms occur, wind speeds will increase up to 30 mph, making for even more dangerous conditions and challenging scenarios when it comes to safety. Along with the storm, temperatures are also expected to drop down to the 80s and 70s due to the wind.

A lifeguard tower at a local beach with a red flag to issue warnings.

Areas that will most likely be affected

Warnings apply to most waterfront areas aligning with the Atlantic and the Gulf, which includes nearly all the beaches across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. The coastal areas are most vulnerable to rip currents, which can get very lethal very fast. It’s recommended that swimming and water-based activities be avoided as far as possible, and anyone planning to go to the beach checks weather reports, lifeguard flags, and other indicators before heading into the water.

For those wondering if it’s generally safe to swim at Miami’s beaches, here are some essential tips to know before you try.

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