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Annie M., the artistic heart of Little Havana: a journey of passion and inspiration

Celebrating 13 years of artistry, Annie M.'s pop art shines bright in Futurama Galleries 1637

In the heart of Little Havana, Miami, a colorful haven of passion and creativity thrives within Futurama Galleries 1637. Meet Annie M of Art by Annie M, a Cuban-American native who has been leaving her artistic mark on this vibrant community for over 13 years.

Previously a talented hairdresser, Annie's unwavering passion for art led her to make a life-changing transition, devoting herself to the world of pop art as a form of personal expression. Her signature touch of love, represented by a heart on her creations' lips, brings a sense of joy and warmth to her work. We explore Annie's journey, her art's unique essence, and her deep connection to the diverse and lively neighborhood she calls home.

A journey of artistic evolution

Annie's journey to becoming the artistic force she is today is filled with years of artistic exploration and personal growth. Born and raised in Miami, she fondly recalled her upbringing in the vibrant area of the roads. Annie's creative spirit was evident from an early age, and as a child, she discovered her love for art. However, life led her to a different career path as a hairdresser, which she successfully pursued for 15 years.

The turning point came 13 years ago when Annie decided to follow her true passion and embrace the world of art with open arms. She retired from her hairdressing career and stepped into the land of pop art, transforming her distinctive creativity into fascinating masterpieces. With her unwavering dedication and artistic flair, Annie has since become an iconic figure in the Little Havana art community.

Unveiling Annie M's signature art

Annie M's art is a celebration of liveliness, happiness, and love. Her playful and fun-filled pop art is reflected by the presence of a heart on her creations' lips, representing the essence of love that springs from her soul. These heart-embellished artworks have become her distinctive signature, connecting her with art collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Her fascination with recycling and repurposing newspapers has given birth to a unique vision of creating collages from articles, adding her artistic touch through intricate painting and personalization. Among her remarkable creations are the renowned Guanito series, which adorned garbage cans at Domino's Park, garnering widespread attention and admiration. Annie's "Cuban series" showcases her artistic expertise, portraying vibrant characters like Flower Child, Ying-Yang, Hawaiian Flower Child, and Butterfly, reflecting her life experiences and transformations.

Annie posing for picture with her art

Little Havana's beloved native: embracing diversity and adventure

Beyond her art, Annie M.'s roots in Little Havana run deep. As a true native, she cherishes the memories of growing up in the area, attending Catholic school, and witnessing the remarkable cultural diversity that characterizes the neighborhood. Little Havana's status as a melting pot of various races and nationalities deeply resonates with Annie M., inspiring her to imbue her art with a rich tapestry of colors and themes.

Futurama Galleries 1637, where Annie M.'s artistic spirit flourishes, serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to Little Havana. As a part of this lively and vibrant art community, she takes pride in welcoming visitors from all walks of life, forging connections with people from Dubai to Miami. Annie M.'s dynamic personality and artistic charisma have made her gallery a must-visit destination, attracting art enthusiasts, collectors, and tourists alike.

For those eager to experience Annie M.'s art in person, Futurama Galleries 1637 welcomes visitors Monday through Sunday except Tuesday, from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Annie is always delighted to personally guide art enthusiasts through her collection, sharing the stories and inspirations behind each masterpiece. For direct inquiries and to explore her art further, you can contact Annie at 786-853-1951 or reach out to her on Instagram at @artbyanniem. Whether you're an art connoisseur or simply looking to brighten your day with a touch of creativity, Annie's art and warm hospitality await at her charming gallery in Little Havana.

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