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Angela Alvarez, a 95-year old Cuban singer, is nominated for a Latin Grammy

The Cuban singer Angela Alvarez has received a nomination for the 23rd Latin Grammy Awards

The 23rd Latin Grammy Awards will take place this November in Las Vegas. While the audience is excitedly waiting for the awards ceremony, they’re also surprised about one of the nominees in a category.

In the Best New Artist category, a 95-year old Cuban singer has been nominated. The artist’s name is Angela Alvarez.

Here's all you need to know about this nominee.

Who is Angela Alvarez?

The movie 'Father of the Bride’s' reboot has intorduced Angela Alvarez’s magnificent voice to the world. This 95-year-old Cuban artist played Aunty Pili in the movie. She has also been nominated for her music album—Angela.

Her album is produced by her grandson— Carlos José Álvarez. The Cuban artist’s grandson is a film soundtrack composer who was always aware of his grandmother’s talent.

He discovered Alvarez’s exceptional talent after seeing a note of 40 songs composed by the Cuban artist. Angela Alvarez became a housewife after marrying her husband who she has four children with. However, this artist sometimes showcased her talent at parties hosted by her friends and family.

This Cuban artist has an undying love for her roots and Cuba, which is quite evident in some of her songs in the album.

Documentary on Angela Alvarez

A wall painted as Cuba’s flag

In 2021, the documentary Miss Angela was released, narrating the life of Angela Alvarez. Carlos José Álvarez, Angela Alvarez’s grandson, shares that the youth needs to understand and be aware of the sacrifices made by the previous generation in Cuba.

He further adds that his grandmother has led an inspirational life, and the world needs to know that.

This 95-year-old Cuban artist says that she may be away from her home, Cuba, but she will always cherish memories of the island and the life she spent there.

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