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Ancient ruins found beneath condo towers in Miami’s financial hub, Brickell

While Miami continues to upgrade with infrastructural projects, prehistoric ancient ruins discovered come to the surface, causing modifications and dela

The discovery of ancient ruins in Miami isn’t an alien thing. These prehistoric archeological discoveries have often perturbed during major infrastructural and real estate projects in Miami. The prehistoric findings have emerged in the recent luxury-condo construction site in Brickell - the financial hub of Miami.

These findings can cause delays and changes in the construction of the Baccarat-branded condo project. Tequesta, the new-found civilization, is possibly evidence of a prehistoric dwelling on the 75-story residential project site.

Learn more about the ancient ruins below:

Tequesta – A 2,000 years old ancient dwelling

The acting city archeologist and historic preservation planner, Adrian Espinosa-Valdor, stated that this new discovery is a footprint of a 2,000 years old civilization called Tequesta. During construction, the excavation of the ground discovered a human cranium 6 feet underground. He said these human remains were buried ceremonially and perhaps intentionally.

This ancient civilization stood on the Miami River. The site is now eligible to be listed in Miami’s National Register of Historical Places, according to the archeologist report for Related Group – the biggest developer in South Florida.

Workers digging through the lands

What does it mean for 75-story luxury-condo construction?

Since the site is eligible for its listing and provides significant information on prehistoric settlements, culture, and subsistence patterns in south Florida, archeologists have suggested Related Group avoid the intact portions of this ancient ruins site.

It’s not uncommon for prehistoric discoveries to delay the construction and building projects in Miami. These discoveries have been a bone of contention between Native American groups and preservationists.

Under Miami’s codes for building and construction, developers are required to assess sites to determine any archeological impact before beginning a project. The project developer, understanding the significance of this discovery and what it means for the Seminole tribe, has honored their request to excavate the entire site to retrieve other artifacts and human remains for reburial.

“We have a long history of collaboration with local tribes and officials to ensure archeological preservation of any prehistoric finds,” said Related Group. The project developer complies with Miami’s codes and current laws.

The project is yet to be monitored as it requires informed and educated decision-making. Neighbors aren’t happy, and there’s public outcry. “It’s an insult to the Seminole and Native American culture,” said one of Brickell’s oldest residents.

Their concerns and sentiments are genuine, but so is the rising demand for condo buildings in Brickell. We’re yet to see how this project will pan out now that ancient ruins are involved.

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