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Alzheimer’s breakthrough drug that slows down the progression of the disease

An experimental Alzheimer's breakthrough drug that slows down the progression' of the disease in its early stages

According to Phase 3 trials, a breakthrough Alzheimer’s drug ‘lecanemab’ has been created. The positive results of the drug were recorded in May 2021, but it is only now that the New England Journal of Medicine has published the results to prove the breakthrough Alzheimer’s drug slows down the progression.

The team at the UK Dementia Research Institute, University of London, said that the findings of this revolutionary drug represent the beginning of the end.

In the Phase 3 trials, ‘lecanemab’ slowed down neurological symptoms in the early stages of the disease. It was found that the drug slowed down memory and cognitive decline in patients by 27 percent after 18 months of being administered.

What does the Alzheimer’s breakthrough drug study say?

The trial was run on 1,795 adults aged 50 to 90 who had early Alzheimer’s. Half of these people were given the actual drug; the other half were given a placebo.

The new Alzheimer’s drug was injected every two weeks and showed to clear the aggregation of amyloid that is believed to be the leading cause of the disease.

At the beginning of the trial, the participants given the new Alzheimer’s drug had an amyloid level of 77.92 centiloids, while the placebo group had an average level of 75.03.

When the lecanemab group’s amyloid levels were tested after 18 months, they dropped by 55.48 centiloids. On the other hand, the participants who took the placebo had increased levels of centiloids.

This shows that lecanemab has the potential to make a massive difference for people at the start of their Alzheimer’s journey.


The side effects of the miracle drug

However, the results of the Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s breakthrough drug don’t come without side effects.

At least 1 in 10 participants have reportedly experienced brain swelling, while 1 in 6 had brain bleeds.

With these side effects, the administration of lecanemab will have to be monitored closely. Additionally, there’s a need for further trials on the disease to understand the drug better to determine how safe and efficacious it is.

Although the risks exist, medical researchers are optimistic about the Alzheimer’s breakthrough drug’s potential.

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